Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jayme's Fall Target Haul

Items Purchased:
Mossimo Vianca Metallic & Leopard Print Loafer (Don't see these online any longer, but that doesn't mean that they aren't still in the stores)
Feather Scarf - no brand listed (not found online)
Mossimo Waffle Neck Warmer in Red (only sold in stores)
Mossimo V-Neck Pullover in Black
Xhilaration Faux Leather Jacket in Bordeaux (Don't see this online either, but again go and check your store)

So sorry that most of this stuff can't be found online but if you are interested, please go and check your Target stores. I'm loving everything so far but the faux leather jacket is definitely my fave! It's the perfect color and it was the perfect price.

What have you guys been hauling for fall? Thanks for watching!


  1. I love your Target obsession, I also have it!! The worse thing for me is that I work at Target in the clothing so I think most days I get paid by them to shop there!! Its so hard not to!! Great finds, and I love your passion for the green scarf because I just got it and keep thinking about all the great ways I can wear it!!

    Super cute blog!!!

  2. Everything is so so pretty! I can't wait until Target opens in Canada! :)

  3. I almost got those glitter loafers a few weeks ago but they hurt my feet. That's my only complaint with some of the Target shoes is that they are sometimes too stiff in the heel. I know that if I buy them they'll just sit in my closet because I'll be too afraid to be in pain later. :( I hope you have good look with them!

    xx, Jordan

  4. You could wear most of those items together in a look!
    I ADORE the bordeux fab this fall/winter
    the feather print scarf is really pretty
    and I've been looking into those loafers...need to get a pair!


  5. Those glitter shoes are so cute! I would totally wear them :) Also really like the burgundy scarf! Wish we had a Target here, seems like such a fun store!


  6. I'm loving burgundy this fall, that scarf is amazing :)
    It's already pretty cold in Canada already, it was snowing this week!
    Target is finally coming to Canada next year, I can't wait to check it out :)

  7. My sister has been searching for a pair of loafers. I think she would love these. I'm going to tell her to head to Target. Who can say no to glitter. I love shopping at Target.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  8. Nice blog, wanna follow each other?


  9. lucky make a handbag that would go pretty with you scarf. Also love the smoking slippers.

  10. I would love that Mossimo V-Neck Pullover in Navy though - I've been looking for a navy one for ages. I always feel bad when I post about things that can't be found online, hopefully it's a push to more business to get more stock online! xoxox

  11. Just wanted to let you know I picked up the red snood over the weekend!! LOVE IT! My hubs even said he planned on stealing it from me a lot this winter! Great find!! :)

    xx, Jordan


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