We've been lucky enough to receive the following awards from our fellow bloggers:

Awarded by Makeup Obsessed Mom

Awarded by Amy Fashion Blog

Awarded by Green Fashionista

Awarded by The Life Of A Petite Girl In Sweden

Awarded by Amy Fashion Blog

Awarded by River City Fashion

Awarded by The Lifestyle Guide

Awarded by little becky homecky

Awarded by Classic+Glam Blog

Awarded by Hopes & Dreams

Awarded by Buttonwood Cottage

Awarded by A Day With Me

Awarded by Mnemonic Reveries

Awarded by Beauty by Arielle

Awarded by Beauty Obsessed

Awarded by Katia's Wonderland

Awarded by Living in a Fairytale

Awarded by DashySassy

Awarded by Trimmings And Lace

Awarded by Someone, Somewhere, Blogging (or Adthenshesmiled) 

Awarded by Spot of Tea?

Awarded by Only A Flight Away

Awarded by Beauty Obsessed

Awarded by Only A Flight Away

Awarded by Am Better Today

Awarded by My Newest Addiction

Awarded by First Day of My Life

Awarded by Neutrakris

Awarded by

Awarded by Cappuccino and Fashion

Awarded by My Newest Addiction

Awarded by Short Sister Style

Awarded by Oh, Heyy Life!

Awarded by Live Life in Style

Awarded by Dishes and Socks

Awarded by The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

Awarded by TheShells23

Awarded by KittyVixen85

In order to accept the above awards we need to share 7 things about the two of us. So here goes...

7 Facts about us:
1.) We're both obsessed with reality TV.  To be completely honest, we think that our love for TV is probably what initially "connected" us.  As you guys know, we met at work 8 years ago, but it wasn't until we began to discuss our favorite shows (such as What Not to Wear, Real Housewives of Orange County and Rob & Big) that we realized how much we had in common.
2.) Our husbands totally want to put us in "time-out" sometimes.  We're not exactly the best influences on each other in regards to shopping...but that's what friends are for, right?!?
3.) We both love to read, but rarely can we share books.  Mendi prefers more "ripped from the headlines" type books (ie: Jodi Picoult) & Jayme likes straight up chic-lit (ie: Sophie Kinsella).
4.) Sometimes girlfriends tend to fight over boys, however we don't because: a) we're married  b) there's enough men in Mystic Falls for the two of us to share (we LOVE Vampire Diaries) and c) we can love two opposing sides in the Twilight saga (Jayme's Team Edward & Mendi's Team Jacob).  All of this meant that we were destined to be BFF's.
5.) Between the two of us, we have enough cosmetics & beauty products to warrant an intervention (A&E-style) from our families.  Is there a Products Anonymous group that we can join?!?
6.) We've got the brunettes & the redheads covered over here on HLNC.  We just need a blonde to join our ranks in order to have a complete Charlie's Angels trio.
7.) Our dogs have always been our only babies, until we recently birthed Her Late Night Cravings, which is our new blog baby!

Thanks to everyone who awarded us!  We couldn't be more appreciative.  You guys continue to keep us inspired!

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