About Us

Welcome to Her Late Night Cravings!

We're two girls who work together in our 9-5 job who have become great friends over the past eight years.  Both of us really felt like we needed and wanted an "outlet" - a place to put our creative energy.  We were "craving" a little more balance in our lives and we believe that our blog provides us with just that...along with A LOT of fun too!

We have been following all types of blogs for a couple of years now and on a random day after doing a little shopping, watching YouTube videos and reading our favorite blogs, we decided that we should start our very own blog.  We “birthed” our blog baby in early March 2011, but didn't actually launch it until later that month. 

We have had some questions about our blog name, Her Late Night Cravings.  The “Her” in our title doesn't just represent the two of us, but it stands for any woman.  The “Late Night” part of our title is fitting because Mendi is our resident insomniac and Jayme is just a night owl.  And we really loved the word “Craving” because you can crave anything.  We crave and love a little bit of everything...from beauty products to fashion to home décor to travel to our fur babies and so much more.  It’s all on the blog!

We are passionate about remaining consistent and really trying to connect with our readers, fellow bloggers, YouTubers and Twitter friends. We both work very hard on networking and building our reputation and our following.  It's so fulfilling to watch our blog continue to grow each and every day.  Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of blogging is connecting with our readers and fellow bloggers from all over the world, as well as right here in Richmond, VA.  No one could have prepared us for the relationships and friendships that have grown out of our little blog.  We're amazed everyday!

Thank you so much for stopping by and getting to know us a little better.

Let us know what you're craving!
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