Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beauty Things We SUCK At!

We hope you enjoyed hearing what we SUCK at in terms of our beauty regimens. Please leave a comment and let us know what you are bad at so we won't be the only ones who SUCK.

Remember, friends don't let friends SUCK at beauty things alone! :-)

Thanks for watching!!


  1. I such at remembering to moisturize and applying eye cream.

    I also can't put on false lashes to save my life :-P

  2. I was going to say false lashes, for sure!!
    I will poke my eyes out!
    I identify with every single thing you talked about.
    I am great about my (face) skin regime but I forget to moisturize my bod.
    I let my nails chip and crack and then get all diligent and let them go again.
    Yeah, self taner. Ugh.
    I can. not. curl my hair. It is flat ironed daily or an ugly pony tail. My
    stylist can give me the best curling lesson ever and I make it look hideous.
    I pick at my face. I love to sit in the sun. I hate shaving in the winter (and I sleep in pants and my husband does not even care)

  3. Love this fun post! I am the SAME way with my freaking hair! I am the worst at it. I dont understand how the stylist does it when I go to get a hair cut. It baffles me everytime! Like Mendi said, my hair is a puffy, frizzy mess after blow drying! ugh!

  4. great video! I used to be horrible about washing my brushes, until I bought my Sigma ones. Since they have the white tips I find you can see the makeup so much more, so now I wash them once a week.
    I'm also really bad at applying lashes, it's so hard!

  5. There's a special technique to applying eyelashes and it takes practice. Less glue, let it dry a little, and set them ON the base of the lashes. You ladies crack me up:)


  6. This video is so cute! I love you guys always keeping it honest.

    I have super bushy eyebrows - not like gross bushy but really really full. I have a high forehead so I think it helps keep me looking 'finished.' However, the space between the eyebrows is so hard to maintain. Not the obvious uni-zone, but the other parts and it is so complicated to maintain! Ugh.

    I never use lipliner either. I use a clear liner to keep my lip gloss or lipsticks from feathering but that is it.

    I do not use falsies. I just don't need it. My eyelashes are super full.


  7. haha! I love this TAG!
    I suck at finding "the outer V"!! I just don't get it!
    Also, I wish I could to a gorgeous winged eyeliner look.

  8. I read the title of this post and ways, Jayme and Mendi cannot possibly suck at anything to do about beauty. I still am struggling to believe this list, lol. I can't properly blow-dry either and I simply cannot no matter how I try put on eye-liner in a straight line.

  9. I don't use lip liner.

    As for as my makeup brushes go I have to wash them every month. I hate the dirty feeling on my face.

  10. it is SO hard to blow dry hair, right there with you guys! I also never ever use lip liner! I don't see a need for it! I am the worst at painting my own nails- horrible at it!

  11. haha I have soooo many of the same problems as you guys!! I only wear lipliner with certain red lipsticks that bleed without it. I have had "clean makeup brushes" on my to-do list for many months longer than I care to admit. I've had a can of airbrush self tan in my drawer for a month now.. still haven't even tried it. I haven't used falsies yet - but I"m trying them for a wedding I'm in in a couple of weeks so maybe that'll get that started for me!

    xo, Jordan


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