Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Birchbox Unboxing!

To sign up to receive this monthly box of beauty goodies, just click here. If you already receive Birchbox, drop us a comment to let us know what you received!


  1. Mendi - we have matching boxes!! I haven't really tried any of my items yet but I'm incredibly excited about my Hot Mama! I got their Mary Lou-Manizer back in October and am obsessed with it! You both need to try it! I've still not finished up my sample (a little goes a long way with it!) but will definitely be buying the full size!

    I'm excited you are both getting more active on Instagram! I've been really enjoying your photos!

    xo, Jordan

  2. I'm following you ladies on Instagram

  3. I prefer seeing the unboxing in videos :)
    Can't wait to see an update on that Lash and Brow serum, sounds interesting!

  4. I received the Shampoo last month and love it! I use it once every other week. Not too many of the same things.
    I'm loving the my nail polish this month!


  5. ahhh...I got some different products than you guys did. I wish I had gotten the Balm blush, that is the cutest packaging! I prefer the blogpost format over the video cause it happens sooner!



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