Thursday, April 25, 2013

April POTM

We love bringing you guys our Polish Of The Month posts. It's always so much fun showcasing a special polish or polishes (because sometimes two is better than one) every single month. There are just so many awesome polishes out there that they really do deserve their own post! So without further adieu, we bring you...

April Polish Of The Month

Mendi's Pick - L'Oreal Colour Riche in Crazy for Chic
I am in the midst of a full-on love affair with the new L'Oreal Colour Riche Trendsetter polishes for spring. (Don't tell Essie.) I have collected all six of them and to be quite honest, I have a really hard time picking a favorite. It just so happened that the next polish up in rotation was Crazy for Chic, a rich and intense dark pink. In certain lighting it almost looks like a cherry red. I'm completely smitten with this shade. One good even coat is probably enough, especially if you're in a hurry, but I have on two coats here. It's the perfect polish to welcome spring!

Jayme's Pick - Orly's Gumdrop
I recently got this polish from my mom (she doesn't love creme based polishes). She picked this up at Sally's Beauty which might be the reason for the different packaging. This looks more mint in the bottle but is actually a gorgeous blue/green. It's a brighter pastel and I love it for this time of year. I've read some reviews saying that this polish applied horribly and had no staying power. I have did not have these issues  I applied one coat over a lighter green as my base and thought it applied easily. I find that I keep looking at my nails during the day. Spring approved!!

What polish has been gracing your nails this month? Are you into pastels or something a little bit bolder? Let us know!



  1. I am currently loving the Loreal brand of nail polish too. They stay on the longest without chipping out of all the brands I have tried including Essie and OPI! Heather

  2. I have to admit, I probably like Mendi's the most. I just cannot do blue on my nails for some reason. Maybe because I am translucently pale??

  3. Love those colors. They both are great for spring! I like wearing pastel colors. Especially this year I seem to be going for mint, coral, white and lavender.

  4. Beautiful polishes! I love when the weather warms up because the polishes seem to get brighter and more fun!

  5. I'm really into pastels right now. I've been loving Essie's Go Ginza.
    Also I'm still loving the glitter nail polish too!!
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  6. I love them both, really great choices.

  7. Both are so pretty! I love the blue color to wear during spring and summer.

  8. Have worn L'Oreal's Pistachio Dream for the last week, even after 2 Crossfit classes and a Bikram yoga class, NO CHIPS!

  9. I am loving Essie's peach daiquiri!! It is my spring fav for sure!


  10. They are both beautiful hues, I like the Loreal red for glam nights out and the Orly blue for fun summery days. Great picks!

  11. I just put Loreal Members Only on my toes tonight. I love the brush!
    I also got Crazy For Chic and Now You Sea Me and Essie's In The Cabana and Butler Please.

  12. Mendi~ you are making me want to go hunt down that color.


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