Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Low-Down: HANAair Professional Blow Dryer

We are so happy that we had the opportunity to review this product and we'd like to thank Brian at Misikko. If you are in the market for a salon grade hair dryer, then we hope you will consider the HANAair.

As mentioned in the video: 
HANA Salon presents the powerful HANAair hair dryer. This dryer has been Salon tested and Salon recommended since its inception. Inspired by Italian design, the combination of HANAair's strongest AC motor along with its tourmaline lined ceramic heater will dry your hair up to 60% faster maintaining natural shine while promoting healthy luxurious hair.

Hana Salon Air Hair Dryer Features:

  • Ion Technology- condition hair & reduces static electricity
  • Tourmaline & Titanium Oxide Technology- natural ions promote healthier hair
  • Silver Nanotechnology- for antibacterial Protection
  • Scratch Resistant Shell with black metallico finish adds durability and is easy to clean
  • Long life motor with low noise
  • Gyroscopically balanced for easy handling
  • Fiberglass concentrator
  • Italian Design
Adjustable Heat2 Fan Speeds
3 Heat Settings
Plus Cold Shot
Ceramic HeaterMost Advanced Far Infrared Ionic Heat
Tourmaline, Titanium Oxide & Silver InfusedPure Tourmaline Crystals Add Antibacterial Ions and Shine
Warranty2 Years

Let us know your thoughts!!  Have you tried the HANAair??


  1. That looks like a very nice dryer. I need to buy a new one soon and might have to look into this brand. Great view!

  2. Yay! I checked out their flatiron! I was really impressed, i loved it
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  3. I never tried this product! I usually just let my hair air dry then I style it with an old curling iron that really does damage to my hair. Thanks for an awesome review.

    Xoxo, Mary from ♥ ♥

  4. looks like this would work for me ...
    even though i stopped using a blow dryer
    my scalp dries out so easily! i only use
    it to blow dry my bangs .. other than that
    i let it dry by itself...

    thank you for sharing

    Melina ♥

  5. @ Tropical Mind - It really is a great dryer!!

    @ Shasie - Yes we have heard great reviews about the flat iron as well! They are a great brand!

    @ Mary - Maybe you can check out this brand. We promise that it drys your hair in no time!! Way faster than air drying! :-)

  6. Well done ladies! Y'all are so cute. Thanks for sharing! xox

  7. great review, i own 2 hair dryers but NEVER use either lol

  8. @ Shannon S - Thanks so much girl!!

    @ CottonCandyINK - You are so lucky that you don't have to dry your hair!! :-)

  9. @ Melu103 - Oh we can't just let our hair air dry. It would be a HOT MESS!! :-)

  10. Oh my goodness!!! I'm currently testing their flat iron is absolutely FAB! I'll be posting my review next week.

    Great review dolls and I want that blow dryer too.

    <3 Marina

  11. Love it, I use an FHI salon grade blow dryer and it makes such a difference, especially using the cool shot at the very end. Great and thorough review as always! Jayme you're glowing in these latest videos...what's your secret, or watt's up your secret? ;)

  12. yeah my friend owns this stuff and she swears by it! nice review, enjoyed it!

    xo Nav

  13. Oh gosh! You are soo sweet! Following you, guys!! :-)

    Karin D. from

  14. gotta love a pro hair dryer. makes for good hair for sure!!!


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