Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mendi's June Photos: Days 1-15

The first fifteen days of the month are behind us, which means that I have a major photo dump to share with y'all today! We're loving the monthly photo challenges put on by Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim and that they encourage us to document a little bit of each and every one of our days. Summer is in full swing, which means that we're spending as much time outdoors as possible, eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies and hitting the gym hard. Vacations are upon us, people. How about you??

Anyhoo, here's a little insight into my first half of June...

day 1 -- morning
My morning routine is incomplete without my makeup. These are my products that I reach for daily.

day 2 -- empty
An empty cup that held my favorite chocolate milk. I am literally over the moon for this Over the Moon fat-free chocolate goodness. It's my daily treat. If you can find this in your local grocery store, try it, it's delish!!!

day 3 -- on your plate

Lunch at Serendipity 3 in Georgetown (pre-BloggerBlitz). Jayme & I split a club sandwich and a few fries.

day 4 -- close-up

We had breakfast in Georgetown on an adorable patio tucked away in an alley at Kafe Leopold's off of M Street. The breakfast was wonderful and these gorgeous flowers were everywhere.

day 5 -- sign
Photo FAIL. Whomp whomp.

day 6 -- hat

Target's collaboration with The Webster has been teasing me in the worst way possible. If I were beach bound this summer, this floppy hat would be mine.

day 7 -- drink

Unsweet tea. 50 bonus points to anyone who knows where this cup is from.  ;)

day 8 -- six o'clock

Boring, I know, but where I can be found at 6pm Monday through Friday. Venturing home on my 45 minute commute.

day 9 -- your view today

This is what weekends are made of. 

day 10 -- best bit of your weekend

Watching this goofball doing what she loves most. Love that girl!

day 11 -- door
Inside of my front door at home. That's one of the book page wreaths that I've made.

day 12 -- from a low angle

A bug's eye view of our mailbox, surrounded by marigolds and a climbing mandevilla.

day 13 -- art
FAIL again. What?!? I blame it on Hump Day.

day 14 -- time

My stack of the day (Boutique on Feet wrap bracelet, Fossil watch and Anthropologie Pave Pompom Cuff).

day 15 -- yellow
Ever since reading the sweet Jess of Lovely Little Things' post about the benefits of drinking lemon water, I've started to incorporate a glass of warm lemon water into my daily water intake. To check out her post, just click here (and tell her that Mendi sent ya).  ;)

That's a wrap! Sorry I dropped the ball on days 5 & 13...I'll do better next month...I promise! Let us know if you're getting down with Fat Mum Slim's June Photo-a-Day challenge. Jayme will share her photos from Days 16-30 at the end of the month. I hope that all of you are having a wonderful weekend!!



  1. winner: that's a chipolte cup!! (now i have a craving)

  2. Your weekend view is lovely!
    Pup looks like she is having a blast!
    I will try that chocolate milk, fat free is a plus.
    Your mailbox view is very well-kept and summery.
    I bought a similar bracelet at buckle in turquoise. Yours looks good with the Fossil. I need a rose gold watch. Now.

  3. Great pictures!! Your dog jumping in the water is awesome, she looks so sweet and playful!

  4. Your pictures are sooo good this month, I have to agree that your jumping dog picture is the best! Love that hat from Target, I didn't see that in the Webster stuff we had up here.

  5. Great eyeshadow palette.=)

  6. Great photos! I loooove the book page wreath hanging in your house! It looks so cool :D

  7. Great photos. My goal was to do the whole month, but I haven't done so hot lately. Going to finish the month strong.

  8. aaah the photos are so great!! I see a complete shift into summer mode!! so fun!


  9. It's a chipolte cup. Great pictures

  10. Love your pictures (especially the Chiptole cup)
    Hopefully I'll be posting my half soon!

  11. Great photos - love the photo challenge too :)

  12. The entrance to your home is gorgeous! Loving that bench and mirror.

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  13. Be still my heart Chipolte Cup. Your photos are awesome.

  14. Great photos! I love the snap of the pup in the water! Reminds me of our dog :)


  15. I love the photo of your home (gorgeous wreath btw)...

    I will have to go read about the lemon water, I love lemon water.


  16. great shots! that sandwich makes me hungry now... the lemon seems so fresh (; nice shades on first picture <3

    Letters To Juliet

  17. I love seeing your pictures every month :)

  18. Love all your pictures! That hat is so cute and I love the bench in your house. xo

  19. I forgot all about the photo challenge! Darn! These pictures are great :)

  20. I went to serendipity here in Miami over the weekend... Love that place!!!

  21. Am I blind? I am sneaking to read this post since I'n at work, but I don't see your Instagram name. I want to follow :)

    Looks like your summer is off to a great start!

  22. WHOOP :) Thanks for the lemon water shout out, girl!
    I hope it's working for you!

    AND I have to say...I am loving that hat in, so cute!
    Target never fails!


  23. what a SUPER cute idea!
    and your photos are adorable!
    think ill attempt this :)

  24. I bet you two have the CUTEST houses, the BEST closets, and the FUNNEST make up. PS. It is awesome that you caught your dog mid air in the picture!

  25. Chipotle cup!!!!!!! I had that for dinner tonight...yum! Can't believe I missed this took great pics, lady!!


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