Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pups on Two Smups & June Birchbox(es)

Exciting news first...head on over to Two Smuppies today to see where our pups (all five of them) are making their guest posting debut!! It would mean the world to us if you'd show them a little love. ;-) They think they're quite the celebrities now. It'll take three months to get their heads out of the clouds. #puppybloggerswithbigegos

We also have photos of our June Birchbox(es) to share with you guys. We received our boxes the end of last week, so we're knee deep in trying everything out. Notes to follow after pics...

Mendi's Birchbox:

By Terry Creme de Rose Nutri-Lift Comfort Cream: I'm not head over heels for the scent. Roses are gorgeous to look at, but their smell can give me a headache. Putting a rose scented cream on my face is a little too close to my sniffer.

By Terry Light Expert #2 Perfecting Foundation: Am I the only one that thought there was going to be some sort of brush thingie-ma-bob inside of the package?? Yes? Oh well. The foundation itself is OK. I received the shade Light Apricot & it's definitely a "peachy" shade. It blends in nicely though. I'll definitely use these samples up, but $62 for a full-size foundation?!? I think not.

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick: I received the shade Petrol Blue, which is a nice cobalt-ish shade. I wore it to work last Friday & it wore really well throughout the day. I simply used the stick along my upper lash line, then blended it out with a blender brush. I've added this to my arsenal of eye liners / shadow pencils.

Joya Ames Souers Parfum: I really, really like this scent! As soon as I removed the cap, the first thing that popped into my head is "this smells like Lush!" And you guys know that we're some Lush lovers. I'm keeping this in my bag for a little hint of fragrance on the go. Definitely one of my favorite perfume samples so far from Birchbox!

theBalm Cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen: My first theBalm product!! I've used this over the past couple of days as a cheek and a lip stain and I like it. As a cheek stain, it blends nicely with my blush and it isn't an overwhelming amount of color. (The bright red intensity of the color in the tube skeered me a little at first.) And as a lip stain, I've used it in the mornings just before I leave home. I have noticed that the color fades within a couple of hours and after eating and drinking, but all in all, I'll keep using it. 

Jayme's Birchbox:

beauty blender-beauty cleanser: Now I don't use or even own a beauty blender but that's OK because this cleanser also works on brushes. This is the perfect size bottle for traveling so I'm going to take this with me on my upcoming vacation so I can keep my brushes clean while I'm away.  

Comodynes Self-Tanning Intensive: I can't wait to try out these tanning towelettes but am going to wait until the weekend just in case the color is too "intense". I usually like to try out self-tanners on a weekend. That way if I have a tanning mishap then I won't scare anyone but my hubby! 

Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect: This is already in m my pile of stuff to be packed for vacation. It's the perfect size and it says that it protects from UV rays and helps with frizzies. I'm going to need all the help I can get!

theBalm Cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen: See Mendi's description above. I do want to try more products from theBalm too!

Birchbox Man - John Varvatos Star USA: Now this smells pretty good but why oh why do perfume/cologne companies still send samples in those little vials that don't have a spray? This means that my hubby won't use it and I don't normally use perfume samples unless they have a spray cap. Maybe I'm spoiled...

After all of that Birchbox talk, don't forget...head over to Two Smuppies to see our "Her Late Night Puppies" guest post!! While Jes is away vacationing in Asia, our dog pound is holding it down.


  1. Wow these boxes are amazing, look much better than glossybox! Such large samples of some really good products! I've always wanted to try some By Terry products I know the rose cream smells amazing!

    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog




  2. wow y'all got a lot of different things than i did! i got the stain and the little fragrance (but not a fan of either of them). i also got some other stuff but i don't remember what they were. i would LOVE the beautyblender brush cleanser though. i have a BB and it is kinda hard to clean!


  3. These are awesome! Seriously considering getting a Birchbox!

  4. I love my birchbox! I got the lip/cheek stain too and it is my favorite item that I have gotten so far!

    1. Really. I didn't like mine, but I love glosses and chap stick.

  5. I love seeing what other people got in their boxes! I'm super jealous of Mendi's eyeko fat stick now... maybe next month...

    xoxo, Emily

  6. Love Jayme's bit about tanning. LOL I also do that but for when I'm waxing my facial hair so nobody else sees it. Haha!

    I'm having a $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway on my blog!

  7. I love seeing/reading about all the products, most of them are so foreign and not available in Canada - which makes them a novelty when I cross the border to the states on the hunt! hehehe, thanks for posting them.

  8. My subscription expired and I never renewed :( I felt like I was getting face washes and creams every.single.month. I wanted makeup lol! Maybe i had a setting wrong on my account?

  9. so many goodies!! The tanning towelettes are quite intriguing! I guess it would make it easy to apply color! and yeaa...what the heck with the cologne/perfume samples!!! frustrating!
    I'm glad the eye stick worked for you Mendi!!


  10. I just found you guys this evening via your post about your Bombshell Bash at bevello! I have been blogging here in RVA for a while so I have NO idea how I have missed out on you ladies. I cannot wait to get home from work and snuggle up with a glass of vino and my iPad to catch up on y'alls blog posts! You have been added to my Google Reader and am so happy to have come across you.

    FYI - I wrote a story for my Examiner column about bevello and their Bombshell Bashes - I wanted to let you know I used your YouTube story but gave you all credit AND included your blog link in the comments section!

  11. we have more then a few similar objects

  12. Oh I'd love to try that fat eye stick!

  13. Ooh this looks like a good Birch box and I love that your puppies are making a guest post over there, I'll have to check it out. Great post girls


  14. I'm running out the door.. but quick comment. First, I need to check out the pups!! and what a nice selection of products here. I totally understand what you are saying regarding the rose scent. It CAN BE HEAVY and "old lady-ish" Yikes..did I really say that? Well, you know what I mean.

    Have fun today!


  15. I'm obsessed with the By Terry lip gloss Gold Digger. Their stuff is amazing!

  16. omgosh! looks like you guys got some suh-weet stuff!!! please please please let me know how much you love/hate everything.

    and omw to check out TwoSmuppies :)

  17. The top box was so much better than mine! I can't wait until the Glamour one next month

  18. Looks like great boxes.=)


  19. For a minute... I thought the self tanning packs were condoms!! OOOHH! Anyhow, this is the first time that I have liked my box better than you alls!!

  20. Completely jealous of the eye stick...I wasn't too crazy about my Birchbox this month! I may need to go in and change my settings a little!

  21. Thanks so much for linking up to my party!! Loving that pink and green baggie!

  22. You guys got different things than I did. I love most of the stuff I got, but this is the first month of receiving birchbox. Can't wait for more to come.


  23. I wish you would show these on YouTube


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