Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nordstrom & Madewell Haul!

Purchased from Nordstrom:

Purchased from Madewell:
Mini-Bow Studs (sold out)
Braided Friendship Bracelet
Gypsystone Earrings in Provence Blue
Flowerhill Scarf (sold out)

A huge thank you to the fine folks over at Birchbox and Madewell for feeding my need to shop!! Haha. No seriously, it was awesome to score those $25 off gift cards in our September Birchboxes. Did my fellow Birchboxers out there scoop anything up with that deal??

If you guys have picked up anything new lately, lay it on me! I'd love to hear from you!!



  1. Good haul! Those may be the prettiest scarves I've ever seen!

  2. I am positively devastated those earrings are sold out - ADORABLE!! As are you, Mendi :)

    When's our next blate?

  3. I've been wanting some of the burlap TOMS!

  4. yay yay yay FABULOUS haul!!!
    I love love love!!


  5. I have the tan burlap Toms and I wear the heck out of them!
    My son just got the black burlap ones and he wears them every single day. He also loves the flannel Toms.
    Your taste in scarves is awesome! I found 3 at Francesca's a few weeks ago and at $18 apiece, I cannot go wrong. I also love the new fall scarves at Target.
    I have yet to order from Madewell, maybe this week.....

  6. You always pick the cutest things! I don't believe I got a gift card!! Anyhow, I love seeing your hauls!

  7. i would love love love to get toms!!! i like the one you got -- definite classic! :)

    <3, Mimi
    LensVillage Giveaway

  8. Ive actually never stepped foot in Madwell. I just know I'm gonna fall in love with everything and be able to afford nothing. Must've been nice to get those giftcards!

  9. Nice picks, dolls! I have a black pair of toms and I am nuts forthem! So comfy and cute and work with a lot of items inmy closet.

    Holly Foxen Wells

  10. Love the earring you brought. Your going to love your toms. I know so many people who love them. People get mad at us b/c DSW doesn't carry them. We carry Bob's.

  11. Hi lovelies, this is a great fashion haul! Love the Madewell brand, wish we had it here though...Those scarves are absolutely pretty, Happy Friday!

  12. This is ridiculous but I do not own a pair of Toms.. I saw them at Nordstrom and thought they were cute but needed new boots.. so that's what I walked away with.

    Love the scarves :)

  13. I'm so jealous! I've had my eye on a madwell dress that's sadly out of stock in my size! Fingers crossed they restock their chambray dresses :/


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