Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jayme's October Photos: Days 16-31

While Mendi is in denial that the holidays are just around the corner, I am totally embracing it! I've even bought a couple of early Christmas gifts. As we close out the month of October I can only get excited about the month ahead. And do you know why? The beginning of November means the beginning of Christmas movies on TV!! It's my favorite time of year (drives my husband crazy!) and our DVR is going to be crammed full for the next two months!

And now on to my October Photo-a-Day Challenge. If you missed Mendi's, then please click here. Hope you enjoy my snapshots for days 16-31!

day 16 -- something you wrote
Yes, I love post-its and making lists. Are you surprised that the nail polish was not for me? It was actually a gift. :-)

day 17 -- fruit
I have been loving lemons & limes squeezed into seltzer water. So good and I love the carbonation without it being a soda. The dish is from Target and I got it because our anniversary is October 3rd and I liked that it had a 3 on it. 

day 18 -- made you smile today
"Gosh dad, you are embarrassing me!"

day 19 -- letters
This is a little note that hangs in my cube at work. Wes left this for me in my car back almost 7 years ago. I never tossed it out.

**I interrupt the regularly scheduled photo challenge to say that I'm cheating and days 20-26 will all be photos from a Saturday trip (10/20) taken to Charlottesville, VA to visit the Barboursville Vineyard. Wes and I had an amazing time and I took so many pictures that I just had to share.**

day 20 -- 4 o'clock
A day trip to Charlottesville,VA and at 4 o'clock we were eating at The Nook located on the Downtown Mall. It was a beautiful afternoon and the food was excellent!

day 21--calm
Just walking around the grounds at the winery was so peaceful and calming. I can't wait to go back there again although I think my first experience will always be the best.

day 22 -- in your town
This was taken on the way to Charlottesville and is technically not my town but it is a pond from the next town over. 

day 23 -- the view from here
The view from the beginning of the rows. They had the most gorgeous roses planted. 

day 24 -- weather
A beautiful day with clear skies and lots of sun shining! Cool enough to be considered fall without actually being cold. A perfect day.

day 25 -- people
From inside of the Barboursville tasting room. We sampled so many delicious wines and even bought 3 bottles to bring home! That one dude is giving me the eye! :-)

day 26 -- listening to
Enjoyed listening to nature especially this little stream on the grounds as we walked around.

day 27 -- morning
"Do we really have to get up early...on a Saturday?"  

day 28 -- looking back
I ended up not being able to go out for Halloween this year so I took a look back to last year. This was taken by my husband of me. I just had on a devil horn headband and I loved how creepy this looks.

day 29 -- moon
Did not get this one thanks to Hurricane Sandy. :-(

day 30 -- clothes
Just a little outfit of the day snapshot - Old Navy animal print infinity scarf, rust Gap t-shirt, Old Navy skinny jeans and some fresh kicks. I wish I had snapped a picture of my shoes. They are studded high top wedges by Steve Madden and I love them.

day 31 -- whatever you please
Happy Halloween! Just because I'm an adult doesn't mean that I can't enjoy some trick or treating! I got some good stuff here!

How was your month of October? Ours was awesome, except for the end when Hurricane Sandy came and wreaked havoc along the east coast. We hope that November sees everyone get back to normal.



  1. Aww the letter is the cutest thing, its so sweet that you kept it! Loved the beautiful scenery in your town, it looks so peaceful!

  2. Amazing photos!! I'm so excited for the holidays too =)

  3. gorgeous shot of the way to charlottesville!

  4. I love all of your photos! And I am the same way about Christmas - I can't wait! It is my favourite time of year and I love watching Christmas movies and being able to spoil my loved ones.

  5. All of your photos were great. You and I are alike when it comes to Christmas :) I have already been listening to Frank Sinatra Christmas songs, lol. I really want to put my tree up b4 Thankgiving too. I am going to be out of town so I don't see the need to decorate...and why not soak up as much Christmas as I can, right? Maybe I am going overboard, haha. Have a great day ladies.

  6. I ALWAYS enjoy the photo roundup!! a fun and different glimpse into your life!!!


  7. Pretty pictures!

    I already got some Christmas gifts too!

    Happy Halloween!



  8. Great Photos! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

  9. Jayme- you take beautiful pictures! I cannot wait for Christmas either, it's my fav!

    I wish I lived in a town where the two of you lived, I am extremely jealous. Currently catching up with your videos at midnight, I've missed so much!

    Hope you guys are well!

  10. Great pictures! Loved the winery! My kind of place. ;)

  11. So much, fun and tranquility in these pictures! I look forward to seeing your photos!

  12. Wow,what's not to love about it honey,right?Amazing;)

  13. That picture of your hubs kissing the pup is sooo cute!
    The winery looks amazing, a beautiful day indeed.
    I am really loving the horn photo, creepy.
    Need a close up shot of the cute shoes....

  14. Thanks for your visit...Have a lovely Friday!

  15. love the puppy pic! and so cute that you still have that note!


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