Friday, July 29, 2011

Shake Your Salad Up!

It's not all meat & potatoes at my house.  Sometimes we like to mix dinner up a little bit with just a simple salad.  I like to call her my "Summer Salad"...real original, I know.  Check it out:

Mandarin oranges (wait, how did they miss getting in the pic?!?)
Almond slices
Fat-free Feta cheese
Lite Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette
(**ignore Mr & Mrs Corn, they were trying to sneak into the pic...sneaky little corncobs...they probs pushed the mandarin oranges outta the way**)

Here's a pic of it in all its glory...minus the feta cheese because the hubz isn't down with feta, so I have to add it to only my salad.

And since I'm an equal-opportunity-cheese-lover, here's what it looks like after hubz gets his portion & I'm free to feta until my heart's content (and yes, I just used "feta" as a verb):

Oh & because this post wouldn't be complete without me sharing one of my favorite kitchen gadgets with you, here's a pic of my strawberry huller in action.  With the push of a button & a little twist, that annoying leafy stem is dunzo.

You can find this Strawberry Huller at Sur La Table

So what do you think??  Do you feta?  What's your favorite summer salad concoction??



  1. It looks very delicious =D. I haven´t got any fav summer salad. I love all of them =D


  2. I just had lunch but after looking at this salad I dont think I ate enough. Yummy and I will try it this weekend. :)

  3. yum!!i love strawberries in salad! oh mangos too! hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration.xo

  4. Looks delish, I do feta! I've made a similar salad before, minus the oranges and I used a poppy seed dressing.

  5. Ooh this looks gorgeous, am starving now ;P

  6. @ Inly - Thanks! It's so good and light!

    @ Mad For Fashion - Oh please do and let me know what you think!

    @ Carolina - Thanks for commenting and we will check out your blog now.

  7. YUMMM!! Looks so summery and delicious!! I heart feta cheese on pretty much anything :)

  8. @ T - You feta!! Love it! Poppy seed dressing sounds great!

    @ Karen - Thanks! Sorry to make you hungry! :-0

  9. Sooo love Feta! and I love the idea of the Strawberries in a salad. Pity its the middle of winter here.

    - I did tell you

  10. @ Lindsay - Feta is the best! :-)

    @ Jagiri - aw, this may not be the best during winter!:-(

  11. Looks delish! Going to have to try it. Thanks

  12. Did you steal my lunch from me? Sheesh ;) Looks like right out of my fridge..hehe! I'd put some cooked corn in there too...I mean...since Mr. + Mrs. Corn want to be in on it it seems. ;)

    Looks yummy!

    Something VERY similar to what you posted is what my fav summer concoction consists of - as long as I have fruit in the mix, I'm happy. AND, I do like feta...most of the time. Sometimes I have a weird mood where feta grosses me out - but that doesn't happen TOO often.'s dinner time for me :o)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life

  13. I want a strawberry huller! They look so fun to use!

  14. Love the post and you may need to ship me a strawberry huller!

  15. That looks amazing. I love having strawberries in salad!

  16. OOooooh...looks so fancy ;-) I love all the ingredients, however I have never thought of eating them together...I just may now! PS I need to own that strawberry huller! My kids go through a pound of strawberries a day in the summer!

  17. I'm not much for that much fruit in salad, but it really looks delish! That strawberry huller looks amazing! i totally want one!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  18. AWESOME! One of the best parts of summer.
    UNO has a strawberry,blueberry and watermelon salad,which is my fave!
    Gotta tell you,any chef would be proud of your creation. Buon Apetite!

  19. YUM! thanks for posting this!!!
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xx

  20. Yum:))) I follow you back !

    Please visit my English Fashion Blog:


  21. You always make me hungry watching your recipes :) This looks really tasty, I've already copied it down. I love feta cheese, and my favourite is French salad (maybe it's not really summer salad but I really like it regardless of the season) :)


  22. um, you had me at feta cheese. i love errrything with feta cheese. and i need me one of those hullers!


  23. I love adding fruits to my salad gives it so much flavor and of course the added colors. Do you put any dressing with yours when you have these ingredients?


  24. @Jackie-oh yes, I used a lite raspberry walnut vinaigrette. So good!!

    @ oomph - :-) I just love kitchen tools like the huller!

    @ ML - Please let me know if you end up making it!

    @ minnja- Thanks so much for following!

    @ Chari T - Thanks fornstopping by!!

    @ Diane - Thanks for letting me know! I might have to try that salad,

  25. @ Laura - Oh you have to get a huller. I just love it but then again I love kitchen gadgets!

    @Michelle - It's so good! Thanks for commenting!

    @Maribeth - That's what Jayme says! :-)

    @ Shop N- Chomp - It's so easy and so good!

    @ Shmark - Consider it done!! :-)

    @ Jacqueline - Oh get one! You'll love it!

    @ Cami - Great mind must think alike!! You sound a little like Jayme with food sometimes grossing you out! :-)

  26. This salad looks amazing! I'll definitely have to try it. And that strawberry gadget is brilliant!!

  27. @ Tanya - Please try! And the huller is so worth buying!

  28. This is one of my favorite salad recipes! I also like a good Asian salad with toasted sesame dressing. Yum!

  29. @ Mary Lane - We love Asian salads too!!

  30. OMG that looks delectable! I'm going to have to try this!


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