Sunday, October 16, 2011

Love It or Leave it...Watt's Up??

As lovers of Benefit products, we know that it's only a matter of time before this ends up in our posession, but we want to know if you guys would grab this for your makeup arsenal or pass it by.  Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who have already snagged this new product!  If so, we're dying to hear what you think!!

Here's what Sephora's website has to say about Benefit's Watt's Up, a soft focus highlighter for the face:

watt's up!
What it does:
This cream-to-powder highlighter turns up the wattage with a delicate, gorgeous champagne glow.  Its smooth application and luminous sheen switches on the "wow" factor for any complexion.  Apply it to cheeks and brow bones, then sculpt with the soft-glow blender for your perfect gleam.
Price = $30.00

We've tried Benefit's other highlighter products, High Beam and Girl Meets Pearl, so we figure that we'll give this one a go too. Drop us a comment to let us know what you it or leave it??


  1. this item is on my wish list, can not wait to try it out ;-)

  2. I personally have not tried this yet but I'd love to hear if others have!!!

    xoxo - Denise

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  3. Love it!
    I swatched it the Benefit counter in Ulta and Love it!
    I personally have High Beam but think this is even more beneficial as the packaging is safer going from the vanity into your purse and even more so to travel with! The wear on me was fantastic, it didn't budge and the glow was just as gorgeous as the High Beam if not better!

  4. I'm REALLY interested in getting this, the only thing I wasn't sure I would like is sponge applicator getting dirty/stained from your makeup...but I suppose you can clean it.

  5. hmmm...$30 you say? I wish they'd do a mini version. So when I was gone this week I was catching up on all my youtube videos, including all of yours...I just have a few left I haven't watched. You girls kept me entertained and it felt like a little piece of thank you :) Still trying to pick my Piperlime product but I think I have it narrowed down to a few, I'll be announcing my choice soon!

  6. definitely gonna try this one out, looks like it's great :)

  7. Been thinking about it not sure if its a need in my makeup collection.
    xo Jenn

  8. I haven't seen this product before this post...looks really great! I def wanna try this out...I love highlighters!

  9. LOVE IT! I have used it at ULTA about 3 times but have not had the urge to spend $30. Next paycheck? Probably!

  10. Also, Just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it:

    Love your blog Ladies!

  11. You should have a tutorial on using highlighters. I always look greasy instead of dewy when I try them. . .

    The Suburb Experiment

  12. It sounds like magic in a tube! I was wondering if you have any product suggestions for under eye bags and circles? I have noticed I am looking pretty tired lately.
    Thanks, Heather

  13. Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about Watts Up! I've been eyeing it and not sure if I want to get it =)

  14. do it really work? b/c other brands has made the same thing and customers complain about quality & consistency of the applicator

  15. @ CottonCandyINK - It looks awesome!

    @ Denise - We just love all things Benefit!

    @ Mrs. WASP - Great mini-review! :-)

    @ Amanda - That's a good point! We might have to look into that!

    @ Tracy D - Wow, what a nice compliment! Thanks so much!! I bet they do end up with a mini version at some point like they did with all of their other highlighters/stains.

    @ soldoutforever - We are definitely excited about this!

    @ Jenn - We hear you! Don't buy it if you aren't going to use it! We have to tell ourselves that all of the time. :-)

    @ Makeup Fashion Love - Hope you get to swatch it soon! We bet you like it!

    @ Frances - Out Ulta just got it recently! Love it! And thank you so much for the award! You just make our day!!

    @ inmyhansonshirt - We are probably going to try and so you know it will be on the blog soon!

    @ The Suburb Experiment - Good idea! Maybe we will!! :-)

  16. @ Makeup Fashion Love - We'd love to check out your blog but it doesn't look like we have permissions to do so. :-(

  17. Champagne glow? That sounds pretty good to me :-) Looking forward to a review on this product from you guys!

    To The Max(i)

  18. I don't usually spend that much on makeup, but I've heard Benefit's products are great. Maybe if there were a great sale, or I had a coupon, I'd snag it up!

  19. @ Leonie - Anything that promises a champagne glow is good in our book! :-)

    @ Shea - You never know when a coupon will come out...hopefully soon!

    @ anorexicescapades - We don't know but we sure want to find out!

  20. @ Style Journey - We always use a concealer and we have loved the Garnier Roll On for dark circles and we are now using a Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment. You can get both of these at Target or CVS. And always highlight the inner corners of your eye and you can line your lower water line with either a white, nude or champagne colored pencil to help brighten that area.

  21. @ Melanie - We can't wait to get this and review!

  22. I've never tried this, but it's definitely on my wish list!


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