Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making the Grade: Jacket Trends

The summer has run its course and we're fully appreciating all that fall has to offer.  From chunky sweaters and flannel shirts to corduroys and wool skirts to little leather jackets and scarves for miles...there are many reasons why this is our favorite time of year.  But our poor closets are suffering from a full blown identity crisis as we confuse it by rotating out our spring and summer wardrobe to make room for all of fall's fashion staples.

One such staple, is a lightweight jacket that's perfect for wearing in this transitional weather before the winter hits us hard. This season's trends point towards pops of color, a little faux-fur or shearling trim and ruffle accents.  We've taken the guesswork out of shopping for you and pulled some of our favorites found on the web...

Guess Tiered Raincoat

Frilled Echelons Peacoat
Anthropologie = $148.00

Leather Military Jacket

Hive & Honey Shearling Aviator Jacket
Piperlime = $98.00

Jack by BB Dakota Lawrence Blazer
Piperlime = $69.00

Kayla Jacket
Fossil = $98.00

BB Dakota Hunter Brown Leather Jacket
BB Dakota Hunter Jacket
Lulus = $245.00

Rubbish® Hooded Fleece Duffle Jacket
Rubbish Hooded Fleece Duffle Jacket
Nordstrom = $78.00

Gibson Tweed Riding Jacket
Gibson Tweed Riding Jacket
Nordstrom = $98.00

River Island Long Fur Jacket
ASOS = $139.68

Let us know what you think!  Will you be wearing any of these this fall??


  1. The Peacoat from Anthro is so cute! That would make a cold winter day much better!

  2. LOVE the VS Military Jacket! I got an awesome faux leather black bomber moto jacket at Target for my new jacket this year. It's awesome and was only $39!

  3. Great selection! I love the VS jacket ;)


  4. cute coats. I wear my peacoat during fall.

  5. great picks! i'm totally in love with the faux fur coat :)


    Fashion Fractions

  6. LOVE that fur jacket from Asos and that bright orange blazer from piperlime!! So chic!

  7. @ Style Journey - We love that one so much!!

    @ Tropical Mind - We need to hit up Target! :-)

    @ Tina - Thanks! We love VS and that jacket is so nice!

    @ Amy Fashion Blog - We do too! A peacoat works so well with a thin layer underneath!

    @ Neris - Thanks! We adore faux fur!

    @ Larissa - Thanks! We are in love with all of them. If only...:-)

  8. My favorites are the tiered raincoat and the red blazer with the peplum detail. So cute!

  9. niceee :D

    i love the Jack by BB Dakota Lawrence Blazer
    what a great color!

    Jack by BB Dakota Lawrence Blazer

  10. @ The Blonde - We love those two as well! This makes us want to shop!

    @ Melu103 - That is such a fun color! Even our resident redhead loves this color! :-0

  11. Hello ladies... Thanks so much for stopping by and checking my blog..! I appreciate your feedback! and hope you visit again soon
    I Love the post above and well I would like to take one of each of the items you posted above ( LOL)
    LOVE all the variety and options very trendy you guys picked!
    Of course I am now following your blog...! LOVE it!

    Blessings and visit


  12. Hi girls! Thank you so, so much for visiting my blog and for following me!!! You´re my 99th follower, I can´t believe it!!! I´m definitely going to be wearing the classic boho fur coat, this Asos one is just fine. I´m following you 2, loved your blog!


  13. aaaw thanks for following me, I really appreciate that!
    I really love the last one.
    I'll follow you back :)

  14. beautiful love the leather jacket, if fundings were endless oh how i would own it all! thanks for visiting my blog, now following ;-)

  15. Thank you for commenting on my post the teal eye look. I love your choices of jackets for the fall although its still too warm where I live for it lol. Now following you as well.

  16. Great selection! They all look nice, but I really love the beautiful Anthropologie coat. And the color of the Jack by BB Dakota Lawrence Blazer is amazing (too bad I just placed an order at Piperlime...)

    Collar Me Beautiful

  17. I am in love with that Victorias Secret military jacket!

  18. Thanks for stopping by and showing my blog some lovin =) I definitely think you should try a colorful eye look for the football game, isn't that was college ball is all about? I love your post and all the jackets. I also looked around and saw you posted recipes so that means.....I'm so following and trying that chicken breast dish next week for dinner.

  19. I can't get enough leather, the leather ones are my favs, great picks.

    Liz Lizo

  20. Wow, there are too many cute jackets here!! I think if I had to pick one, I'd go with the tweed blazer from Nordstrom--I could imagine it with so many things!

  21. @ Shea - That tweed blazer is so nice! Thanks for commenting!

    @ Liz Lizo - Thanks so much! Leather just never goes out of style!

    @ Dani'LaLa - Thanks for coming over and following! So glad you like our blog. Let's stay in touch!

    @ inmyhansonshirt - the Anthro jacket is just so girly and gorgeous!

    @ Jillian - that one has gotten a lot of love!

    @ Leonie - Can't wait to hear what you got from Piperlime! Hope you show it on your blog!

    @ Rxqnaesthetics - Thanks for following! So happy to have you! Ah, we are heading into cold weather here. Enjoy the warm!

    @ CottonCandyINK - Unlimited funds...sounds like a dream! HAHA!!

    @ Laura - Thanks for following! Welcome! Faux fur is so hot right now! Love!

    @ Paula C. - So happy to have you as one of our newest followers! We are in love with the ASOS jacket! Let's stay in touch!

    @ Lizbeth-Glamstyln - We loved your blog! That fall eye look was gorgeous! Thanks for coming over and following us back. Means so much!

  22. hello!! thanx for the subscription!!! if you want you can follow my other blog which is in english!!!

    oh!! you have a new subbie ;)

  23. @ DIY...Beauty Tips - Awesome! We will do that! Thanks for being our newest!! :-)

  24. Love all these jackets! I am so glad that fall is here :)

    xoxo Denise

  25. I'm normally not an Anthropologie girl but I love the ruffles on that coat and I especially love the one from Piper Lime!

  26. I love Fall jackets!!! I have a few bomber, and cute little lite peacoats, and cropped hooded jackets, and like an army jacket. I love them all. Perfect for crisp mornings and evenings!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    Enter My Perfect for Bloggers Giveaway!

  27. love it !

    thank you for the sweet comment, just followed back, take care xo


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