Monday, October 24, 2011

Love it or Leave it...Violent Lips

We dare ask...would you go violent in the name of beauty??  No, not the kind of violent that's going to end up with you on the 11:00 news.  (We definitely don't want that to happen.)  We're actually referring to a line of temporary lip tattoos now carried at Sephora and Ulta called:

Violent Lips

Have you seen these things??  They're wild.  They come in a variety of colors and patterns, including polka dot, animal print, rainbow and even an American flag if you're feeling super patriotic.  You can check out the wide array of options at the Violent Lips website here or you can stick to the five glitter shades that Sephora has available here.  Ulta also has a few options available at the checkout counters. Take a look...

The Pink PolkaThe Red Cheetah
The RainbowThe American Flag
The Pink GlitterattiThe Gold Glitteratti

What's your verdict??  Definitely interested and excited to try?  Or curious but leaving it to the more adventurous?  We're are not sure about these for everyday wear but Halloween is right around the corner and they could be a great addition to your costume. We'd love to hear what you think.  


  1. I love them and would totally rock a pair for Halloween for sure!

    <3 Marina

  2. I don't even know what to say about these lips. I would do it for Halloween -- but only for Halloween.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. They are beautiful but I guess they really take alot of time:)

    I love the pink glitters:)

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. y'all have the cutest blog. i LOVE this. absolutely dramatic, it'd be so perfect for Halloween to make a statement :)

  5. I'm going to have to take a pass. Maybe Halloween? But probably not haha :)

  6. whahaha that's funny, i like the name :)


  7. I think the printed ones are too much even for Halloween

  8. I think the printed ones are too much even for Halloween

  9. Ha ha! That's crazy! No, we would not wear these, probably not even for Halloween :)

  10. they look cool, i wouldn't use them personally

  11. These look super hot!! Wonder if i can rock them at work though lol!! Perfect for halloween!

  12. @ Marina - We might have to get these for the weekend too!

    @ Bonnie - We agree! Halloween only!

  13. @ Meena - I bet your work would think you were crazy! HAHA!

    @ CottonCandyINK - Agree, except for a costume!

    @ Style Journey - We want to see these in an outfit post! :-)

    @ Sanna - They are crazy!

    @ soldoutforever - the name is super fun!

    @ Frances - Go for it! HAHA! :-)

    @ la petite fashionista - Thank you so much! They would be great for dressing up!

    @ SunnyToast - They probably do! :-)

  14. I like the leopard printed ones :)
    Very original lips!!


  15. Love all of them!
    Can't wait for Halloween!
    Following you!
    xo DC

  16. Oh god .. how impressive
    i would never go out with my lips in a pattern
    though haha ...

    but i am loving the polka dots one <3



  17. Halloween only. :D

  18. i'm always a fan of lipstick but i don't know if i am THIS daring. i guess i'm more of a fan of just the classic.
    xo TJ

  19. @ dandy-doll - They look so fun!

    @ Diana - Thanks so much for following!

    @ Melu103 - They are crazy!!

    @ Sandra - We totally agree with you!

    @ Mr. Taylor and his Lady - We hear you! It's a bit wild!

  20. These are 6 years to late for me. Teenage me would have gone beserk for these! I must say the only one I like is the rose roses but it says out of season. I'm dreadfully boring with my makeup these days. Everything I do is about subtlety. However I see myself stuffing my little sister's stocking with them!

  21. me + my coworker were talking about these after i saw them at sephora! the glitter ones look reeeeally cool in their video tutorial, but honestly, i can't think of any place that i could get away with wearing any of these--even if they look good.

  22. i would love this for holloween!! yahaah!
    hope all is well with you guys..
    keep in touch!

  23. @ Mrs. WASP - Stocking stuffers...we bet she'll that!! What a fun sister you are!

  24. I think it would be fun to do - just to try. And then, I don't know, sit at home and admire my lips? I can't think of anywhere I could wear this without looking ridiculous. But it still looks fun!


  25. i have mixed feelings about these. i think they look soooo cool and would be fun for halloween. but on a regular basis, not sure i would wear them. hard enough for me to reapply lipstick once i'm out and about!

  26. Things like this make me wonder what they'll think up next! I don't think I'd go for them, but I do agree that they'd spice up a Halloween look.

  27. Hmmm...well we all know boys don't really like to kiss girls who wear tons of lipstick, I wonder what the reaction would be to these? Not that it's all about the boys *but it's kinda about the boys*

  28. This is one look I'm going to leave to the Popstars!

    But I can ALWAYS make an exception for Halloween

    <a href=">I did tell you </a>

  29. @ Jagiri - True! Katy Perry can pull this off in a second!

    @ Amanda - It would be great for a costume party!

    @ Tracy D - You know it! :-)

    @ Shea - There's no telling what will be on the market next! :-)

    @ Claire - We totally agree!

    @ The Suburb Experiment - Too funny...sit at home and admire your lips. :-)


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