Friday, October 14, 2011

Vegas Haul!

Like I said, I could have spent TONS but I was a good girl!  Now next time I go...might be another story!!

What I bought:
Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick! in Adventurous Red and Bashful Blush
Sephora Long Lasting Eye Liner in Glitter Black
Clinique Black Honey Shimmering Tones Powder
Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Vice and Kink (I'm pretty sure I destroyed the description of these polishes...Sephora says that Vice is a bright magenta with a satin finish and Kink is a bright forest green with a satin finish.  Both are beautiful!)
Incoco Nail Appliques in All That Glitters, Femme Fatale and Creme de la Creme
Juicy Couture Miss World Tote

Thanks for watching! Have you hauled anything recently? Let us know!



  1. love those lipsticks and polishes, the JC bag is amazing! ;-)

  2. Jayme welcome back from Vegas baby...I think you got a great little haul, there is so much to spend your money on there isn't there? I can't wait to hear more about your escapades & see your vlogs!

  3. i just bought a bunch of MAC make-up from a street vendor in downtown LA. it's legit mac stuff but i think they're irregulars, like the color of the top didn't match the pencil. but it's still pretty fun to get bright colored eyeshadows for like $4!!!

  4. Nice video post :)!

  5. I really like the bag, it's totally my style!
    *putting it on my wishlist* :D

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  7. I am so dying to try the Illamasqua nail polish!!

  8. @ CottonCandyINK - Thanks so much!! I'm still excited about everything!

    @ Tracy D - Thanks girl!! I know, I could have done some major damage!! Easy! Thank goodness I held it together!

    @ Claire - Ok, that's awesome! Great deal!!!

    @ soldoutforever - Thanks so much for watching!

    @ Sandra - Thanks!! I just love Juicy!

    @ inmyhansonshirt - Thanks!! I did well considering all of the options!

    @ FashionFreak/Mihaela - Thanks so much! We will check you out!

    @ Mrs. WASP - It's great! We are excited we got to try too since it's not sold around here!

  9. great haul

  10. Congrats on making it back from Vegas without spending every last dime you had! Looks like you had a great haul.


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