Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Collective Polish Haul (OPI, Essie & more)

Polishes mentioned:

Orly in Galaxy Girl
Illamasqua in Kink
Mary Kay in Lavish Sable
Mary Kay in Gold Leaf
Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money
OPI Nicki Minaj Minis in Did it on 'Em, Fly, Pink Friday & Metallic 4 Life
**by the way, Jayme was totally right about the glitter polish being named wrong in the Mini collection -- either that or they put the wrong mini polish in the box, because that glitter is actually called Save Me...anyone else notice that??**
Essie Marshmallow
Essie Smokin Hot
Essie in Go Overboard
Essie in Armed and Ready
Essie in A Crewed Interest
Essie Ole Caliente
Essie in Navigate Her
Essie in Tour de Finance

Anyone else as addicted to nail polishes as we are???  Please tell us that we're not alone with this. Let us know what brands/colors you've been craving!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Haven't watched this yet but just wanted to say I heard the shout out Lisa gave you. I could picture you two screaming and calling each exciting was that?!

  2. PRETTY!! Love so many of them.
    Ok, so, where do you keep your polishes? A drawer? A cabinet?! What do you do??!! :)

  3. You know how addicted to polish I am ;) Love your choices! I've never tried a Mary Kay polish and now I just may have to!

  4. Nail polish is my FAVORITE beauty product so I loved watching this!
    I almost bought the Mary Kay polishes but I ended up not...maybe I should.
    I have Essie's Smokin Hot & Armed and Ready - love them :)

    I am definitely buying Go Overboard. It's gorgeous!


  5. Oh my goodness! Nail Polish heaven!!! You two are just gorgeous <3

  6. I have a major addiction!!!!

    For fashion inspiration check out my moodboards and follow me at:

  7. So many great polishes! Have you two tried Zoya yet? I did a manicure post today featuring their Kennedy polish!

    Check it out!

  8. I LOVE nail polish but I had to stop buying it because I'm SO lazy with painting my nails. So, I never use them, they just sit around taunting me.

  9. i really hate the fact that my boss
    blocked youtube :( now i cant see the videos
    anymore ... buuuuuuuuu :*(

    MELINA ♥

  10. I think I have a nail polish addiction, a shoe addiction, a clothing addiction! I have a shopping addiciton! Anyhow, I was just looking at the ad for the Go Overboard collection. That green is hot! Kind of reminds me of OPI's Jade is the new black. I like Essie marchmallow too. I have the Nicki Minaj collectiona nd may try her out on my nails this weekend. I cannot go buy anything bacause I have given up shopping for Lent! OMG! I made a huge mistake! LOL!

  11. Yeah at the moment I'm a bit obsessed with nail polishes! I wanted to get some from the Nicki Minaj collection but I never got around to it. Oh I love Essie's Spring Collection I got the mini set and I love it xxx

  12. wow!!! huge haul! your selection is beautiful!!

  13. You are not alone in your addiction. In the past 2 months, I have purchased approximately 30-40 polishes. Going on a no buy is desperately needed but most likely not going to happen. LOL!

    1. Oh you have us beat! Love it!! We tried to comment on your blog but it looks like it's set to private. Just wanted you to know because we always go and comment back. :-)


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