Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jayme's Most Worn Things TAG: Summer Edition

TAG Questions:
1) Most worn nail polish
2) Most worn hair product
3) Most worn bag
4) Most worn shoes
5) Most worn accessories
6) Most worn clothing item
7) Most worn foundation
8) Most worn blush and/or bronzer
9) Most worn lip product
10) Most worn mascara
11) Most worn eyeshadow

Thanks to Kassie at Shades of Kassie for doing this video and inspiring us to join in the fun! Don't forget to stop by her channel and subscribe!

As I said in the video, we'd love for any of your to participate whether it's on YouTube or on your blog. And if you don't have either, we'd love for you to leave a comment about what some of your summer most worn items have been. 

Thanks for watching! Mendi's TAG video is up next so stay tuned! Hope you guys are having a great weekend!


  1. this is such a fun tag! i had fun watching this video! :D

    <3, Mimi
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    Too Much Soul Giveaway

  2. Those sandals are gorgeous, I don't have one of those thong type ones either, mostly because they hurt my toes. I've also never been one to wear different colors on my fingernails and toe nails. I might have to give that a go. I usually go clear on the feet, and color on the hands, or both the same, or a french mani. Never done different colors...

  3. daang, it's nice to know what is MOST worn, so we know it's your fave or go-to!

    FFF @New York Fashion Week

  4. OMG! I love the MK disc necklace, I would totally get it in hematite. :) Garnier is great, I love their hair serums.
    Lipsmackers are awesome as a basic balm, great flavors.
    That palette is gorgeous as well...I love the naked tones. Great video!

  5. I agree on the Tart Deco, gorgeous! I am going to have to get the Strawberry Margarita, it must be lovely.
    Just ordered my first MK bag, yours is great! You can fit everything in it, perfect for flying.
    I have the same SM sandals in brown leather and gold. They really are so comfortable and flattering.
    Did you see the $6 UD shadows on their website? I may have gone a little crazy.....

  6. I might have to do a "plain" blog post and link to this one! Any idea how I do that??

  7. OMG you were in my city!! So glad you like it and it looks like you guys had a good time. LOVE the pics...and didn't know you girls are on Instagram!! I want to follow you. What's your username please.

    <3 Marina


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