Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mendi's Most Worn Things TAG: Summer Edition

TAG Questions:
1) Most worn nail polish
2) Most worn hair product
3) Most worn bag
4) Most worn shoes
5) Most worn accessories
6) Most worn clothing item
7) Most worn foundation
8) Most worn blush and/or bronzer
9) Most worn lip product
10) Most worn mascara
11) Most worn eyeshadow

We hope you enjoyed watching Jayme's TAG video as seen here. And again, a huge thanks to Kassie at Shades of Kassie for inspiring us to join in the fun! Don't forget to stop by her channel and subscribe!

We'd love for any of your to participate in this TAG whether it's on YouTube or on your blog. And if you don't have either, we'd love for you to leave a comment. It's a great way to look back on the last few months and see what you most reached for items have been.

Thanks for watching! 


  1. ha! i am watching shades of kassie when i clicked on your blog! i love her! i am watching her weekly makeup basket (: anyways, can't wait to watch Mendi's 2marrow morning! that is routine, i wake up, grab coffee & watch all of my new videos. although now youtube will only show so many (i hate that!) so luckily i follow the blog too (: ok a few things for you guys. i wanna get in on that polyvore thing from loving from a distance and i am officially signed up to get an update on whats the topic for next week. in case i missed it for the coming week, i would love if you filled me in! i am Mind Body Beauty on both youtube and thats my blog url (on blogger) if you can, cool! if not, no biggie (: i also wanted to drop you a line mentioning i talked about you guys briefly in my newest video! can't remember what i was talking about but i made sure to link you guys again (this time your youtube channel too!)

    the link:

    thanks for all your inspiration!
    <3 Erica

  2. i would love to do a button swap if you would like to! i will most likely grab your button but yah no, I would love if you grabbed mine too! you dont have to! i always feel weird about asking people to swap buttons, lol! i dont want to make people "like" my blog if really dont, yahnowhatimean? ok thanks again!

  3. Great tag and love watching your videos you girls are amazing.

    <3 Marina

  4. Great idea behind this post, love the Essie pink polish. I really need to get Moroccan hair oil, can't believe i didn't bring any back with me. Super cute tote and sandals and the buckle bracelet is now on my wish list. The shades on the Dior blush look really pretty and versatile. Awesome picks!

  5. I love that Michael Kors bracelet, I wish we had Nordstrom Rack in Canada!

  6. Such a great tag. I might to this as my Friday post.

  7. nice video :)

  8. Huge fan of MK and love the ESSIE line :) Enjoyed your video!

  9. My 'Most Worn' blog post below. Thanks for yours ladies! These tags are the most fun I think as they are short and sweet and there's something for everyone; fashion (or lack of in my case!) and beauty. :) xx



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