Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jayme's August Photos: Days 16-31

This was such a fun half of the month to take photos because several of them are centered around my birthday. As usual, Mendi had the first half of the month as seen here. And now Mendi is working on September's photos in San Francisco! Lucky!

Day 16 -- Food
Just a quick lunch at Firehouse Subs. Mendi turned me on to the Italian. Can you believe that I had never had an Italian sub before? I was missing out!

Day 17 -- Faces
Just couldn't resist sharing husband...I love this guy so much! Those faces always keep me entertained! We were celebrating my birthday at Havana 59 in downtown Richmond. It was so fun!

Day 18 - Inside
One of the coolest Orangutans (I think his name is Farley) at the Richmond Metro Zoo. He was putting on a show inside of his enclosure. We visited the zoo for the first time and it was so much fun. For those of you in the Richmond area, I suggest you visit. Make sure you feed the Giraffe's too. :-) This was a part of my bday weekend.

Day 19 -- Hole
How perfect is this picture for "hole"? These were a few of the prairie dogs at the Richmond Metro Zoo.

Day 20 -- Today
This was my actual birthday and my wonderful husband took me to a restaurant I've really been wanting to try Lady N'awlins in the Fan. The food was so good!! And yes, we both had crawfish. :-)

Day 21 -- Cool
Love how cooling this roller ball is on my eyes.

Day 22 -- Home
Need I say more? He (Cooper) was about to do crazy dog off of my bed. Those eyes look cute but they are major cray cray!

Day 23 -- Pair
Two pair of earrings I got as bday presents. Mendi gave me the beautiful gold and black Kate Spade earrings and Wes gave me the Fossil Giraffe studs as a way to remember our day at the zoo. I just love them both!

Day 24 - Path
The walking/bike path on the Brooklyn Bridge. This is actually a picture I bought from Urban Interiors in Carytown. If you live in Richmond then you need to stop by. Love this store!

Day 25 -- Fresh
My awesome free birthday gift from my most favorite store...SEPHORA! Love Fresh Sugar!

Day 26 -- Dream
Snapped a picture of a globe we have on our bookcase (it's from Target). One of my dreams is to travel more whether it's in or out of the country. Our next trip is to New Orleans!

Day 27 -- Tap
Wes and I were having drinks at a restaurant called Xtra's in Carytown and they had his favorite local beer on tap...Hardywood. The brewery is near where we convenient, right?

Day 28 -- Clock
I'm totally cheating because this is obviously not a clock. Duh! But I was so excited that I finally had Pho (Pho 79) for the very first time for dinner this night with my awesome friend Heather. I loved it and can't wait to go again! And it's literally minutes from my house!

Day 29 -- Down
I'm bending down. Looking crazy. This is a bear stature in the Fan (don't ask me why it's here - it's really random) and I was going to make a kissy face but it turned out that I'm just making a face. An uncomfortable looking face. And I'm in such an attractive position :-)

Day 30 -- Card
I got this as a birthday present from my friend Katherine who is a Stella & Dot sales consultant and I just LOVE it. It even made my August Cravings list and somehow I was lucky enough to be gifted this panther necklace. Thanks Kat!!

Day 31 -- Hidden
We went with some good friends to see the Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball game on Friday night and I snapped some photos. Can you see our city "hidden" in the background?

Hope you enjoyed seeing part of my August! Let us know if you have been participating in the Photo-A-Day challenge too! Can't believe we are already into September!


  1. I love the monkey picture!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  2. Loved the pics! Prairie Dogs always seem to crack me up. You need to try the Italian sub from Dominos. I don't even like Italian subs but that was is drool worthy! Looking forward to getting my Fresh Sugar lip balms next week. :) xo

  3. You look like you had a great birthday weekend! The zoo is one of our favorite places to go :)

  4. Awesome photos! I can't believe we're already into September, either!

  5. so many fabulous photos! what a cute dog & i got my sugar lips birthday treat too & am obsessed with it!


  6. Hi Jayme, I like your interpretation of the subject of each photo, its so different! Ive never seen a prairie dog before (they don't look like Lovely view of the bridge, thats my fav pic. Cute earrings and clock - haha. The city skyline looks great at night.

  7. That sub looks yummy, what all is on it?

    Your hubby is a hottie!

    Cooper is precious and I see the crazy eyes! We call them "puppy olympics" when our run helter skelter like maniacs.

    Mendi and Wes picked out some really nice earrings too!

  8. Such great pictures! I love those earrings - they both look beautiful!

  9. Amazing photos. You dog is so cute.

  10. Cute photos!!! Love the necklace and your pup!!! PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


  11. these are wonderful photos! and i got the same birthday gift from sephora, i haven't used it though... thanks for reminding me about it! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  12. Loved seeing all of your pictures! I have a firehouse subs, I have never gone there before maybe I will have to check it out and get an Italian. xo

  13. such fun pictures!! love your new necklace!! and i love those garnier roller balls - have you tried the tinted one for under eyes??? LOVE IT!

  14. You need, need, NEEEEED to go to Pho So 1 off of Horsepen & Broad (behind the Burlington Coat Factory). That is the best Pho in Richmond! && thanks for sharing the Prairie Dog picture - I've been in Richmond for 5 years and have never been there! I'm so excited to check it out :)

    1. Thank you so much for your rec!! Will totally try this place!! :-)

  15. what a cool post :)

    xx m


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