Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beauty Battle: Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Masque

As we've mentioned in past Beauty Battles, the purpose of these videos is for each of us to try out the same product, then keep our opinions to ourselves until we can share our thoughts with each other while the camera is rolling. This battle is a little different as we are trying out the Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Face Masques at the same time in front of the camera and then letting you guys know exactly what we think. We literally started the video, let the masque set while watching TV and then came back on camera to show you our reactions.

Hope you can make it through all of our laughter...

Passion Peel Off Face Masque
Can be found at Ulta.
Have you guys tried these face masques? If you haven't well you obviously know now that we don't recommend them. We should have learned our lesson with the Biore strips! :-)  

Thanks for watching!!


  1. You guys are so cute and silly!!

  2. haha I love seeing how you guys are such good friends :)

    actually, peel-off masks are my fave. I wrote about it here but they just make me feel like I can see results, you know? but yes you have to be careful of the hairs :/

  3. So funny:) Reminds me of something I used back in my twenties. You are both darling!

    Hope you are having a nice holiday season.


  4. I've tried this brand before (I think it was the sauna masque) and I was really happy with the results, they also make a great chocolate one. You both look so cute with the pink paint on! Very brave!

  5. I had like major belly laughs watching that!! I've never really been a fan of peel off masks either - and I definitely won't be trying any soon after seeing how painful that was!!


  6. I love that you guys actually applied the peel on camera...this is great...and seeing it in action...or not in action haha
    As much as I love pomegranate....guess I won't be loving this pomegranate peel!


  7. Great great post!
    Your blog is amazing!
    Love, Anna


  8. I'm not a fan of peel off masks, I find them so drying!
    I used to use this brand back in high school, I think they do some better masks that aren't peel-off! :)

  9. hahaha you ladies are so ballsy. I love it. Sorry you did not like the product!

  10. Ha lol, funny video, sad that it didn't work out for you!

    Elly @ Caribbean Living

  11. Fun with a video review. Never tried these masks.

  12. I'm so sorry that it was so painful for you, but it was so funny to watch! I had tears in my eyes :)


  13. This made my life watching this, I actually hit rewind a few times too. Sorry for the pain...but thanks for the laugh out loud down in the belly laughs !

  14. Oh my goodness girls! I cracked up along with you while watching this. I'm so sorry that the masque didn't work out like you thought it would. Sure looked painful!


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