Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black Friday Shopping: What To Wear

Thanksgiving is almost upon us so you know what that means...BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING! This year so many stores are open on Thanksgiving but we can't even with that. We'll stick to just Black Friday. With the chaos that comes with shopping the day after Thanksgiving, you need to make sure that you dress appropriately. Stores and malls are crowded and parking can be straight up nuts. You need patience and you need to be comfortable.

Black Friday Shopping Outfit

Zella Live-In Leggings ($58) - We both have these and they are so comfortable. They are more of an athletic legging so they hold you in place. Perfect for a day of all day shopping when you don't want to worry with a button, zipper or belt.

J Crew Popover Plaid Shirt ($90) - Plaid, plaid and more plaid. Just can't get enough. We chose this one not only because it's super cute but because it's a popover style. It's all about ease and if you plan to try on clothes, you can just pull this over your head. No worries about having to unbutton and re-button your shirt. A time saver!

American Eagle Cable Knit Cardigan ($70) - Layering is key! When shopping we say ditch your coat. It's so cumbersome to lug your coat around with you all day. That being said you still might need more that just a long-sleeve shirt depending on where you live. We say add a cozy sweater. It's easier to toss into a bag if you get too warm or you can tie it around your shoulders or waist.

LOFT Faux Fur Infinity Scarf  ($40) - Scarves are great because they provide warmth which is a bonus especially if you start the day super early. By mid-day when you warm up it can easily be tossed into a shopping bag or your purse. And of course, adding a scarf just gives your outfit a little something extra!

Tory Burch Livia Studs ($78)  - Stud earrings are perfect! No muss no fuss! They add just a touch of shine and who doesn't love a little shine?!

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac ($295) - Cross body bags all day long! You need both hands free for shopping and crossing off all of those names on your shopping list. And it's better to lighten your load and leave your large handbag behind. Only take the essentials which we think are: money, cards, phone, small mirror, lip balm, lip stick or gloss, hair band, mints and a few advil. Oh and don't forget your coupons!

Classic Tall UGGS ($195)  - Comfy, cozy and easy slip on. 'Nuff said! Your feet will thank you!

We hope you enjoyed our easy outfit for shopping all of those fabulous Black Friday deals! Do you guys brave Black Friday shopping? Or would you rather just order online and not even get out of your jammies? Let us know!

Happy Shopping!



  1. Perfection. I would wear this even if I was shopping from my couch or not shopping at all.

  2. Black Friday shopping is exciting - and a little terrifying sometimes, too! What a great outfit :)

  3. great shopping outfit. I still find it nuts store will be open on Thanksgiving

  4. I'm so excited for Black Friday shopping!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  5. Love this outfit, so comfy :)

    And I can't even either with all the stores that are opening on Thanksgiving. I remember 2 years ago it was a big deal they were opening at 10:00, then last year it was 8:00, now this year it's 6:00. It's disgusting... whatever happened to people enjoying the holiday and not rushing out the door to catch some sale?

  6. It's so ridiculous that shops are making employees work on Thanksgiving. Such a shame. :/ I might be braving the crowds, but in all honesty, I have no business being out there so it looks like I will most likely be doing my shopping online :)

  7. these are def pro tips! layers are key! luckily i will be back home where it is hot, so i can just grab, lol.


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