Friday, November 21, 2014

Love it or Leave it!

It's been so long since we posted a "Love it or Leave it" but we found something that we really wanted to feature. It's new from Benefit Cosmetics and it's called Bling Brow. It's a box of swarovski jewels for the face, body and brows. The box itself is super cute just like all of Benefit's packaging. But to us that's where it ends. This might be really fun if you are a teen though. The model featured looks to be in her teens and it seems like it works for her. We just can't picture ourselves rocking these things.

Benefit Cosmetics - bling brow #benefitbeauty

Benefit Cosmetics - bling brow #benefitbeauty
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What Benefit says...
Why we love it!
Bling it on! Light up the room with this sparkling set of Swarovski® crystals. Each set comes with 52 crystals in 2 colors and a pair of mini tweezers. Press the bling onto skin for instant glamour.

How to apply
Peel off black backing sheet. Use tweezers to pick up the self-adhesive crystals then place next to or directly onto brows. Press with finger to secure. Gently pull off crystals to remove. Adhesive on back of crystal is dermatologist tested.

Beauty tip
Bring the bling…a little or a lot.

Tip 1: touch o’ bling. Apply 3 crystals, evenly spaced, along brow bone. Begin under brow arch and finish at end of brow.

Tip 2: big-time bling. Select crystals and press directly onto brow hairs. Follow the shape of brow and place evenly throughout.

Trick 1: For repeat use, apply crystals with a tiny dab of lash glue.

Trick 2: The glitzy tin doubles as a trinket box. Visit a Benefit BrowBar to learn more “BROWtiful” tips and tricks!
Retails: $25.00 USD

Now what do you guys say? Perfect for the upcoming holidays? Or a big ole pass? Let us know in the comments. We are going to pass on these. While our thirteen year old selves are screaming YES, our thirty year old selves are saying NO. Hope you guys have a great weekend! 



  1. As cool as I think this idea brows will stay unblinged this holiday season!

  2. This looks and sounds great, but I have to say that it's not for me.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  3. I agree, I think this is a great idea for teens but for me I would say a big ol' pass.

  4. The packing is really cute but I also think it's more suitable for teens.


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