Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hue Dat?

Did I just say "Hue Dat?"  Well yes I did.  And yes it is a take on the New Orleans Saints "Who Dat" because my husband and I are members of the "Who Dat Nation"...we are Saint's fans.  See it all started with my love of New Orleans (I've been a few times) and my love of Reggie Bush.  I really did just admit that...I'm not scared!  We can't wait for football season and there better be one this year!  I'm girly for sure but I love playing (I play on a co-ed team) and watching football.  And yes this football season I'll be painting my nails black and gold for the Saints.  Maybe I'll even go for my OPI Black Shatter for an accent nail while simultaneously wearing my Saint's jersey and yelling at the TV.  It's how I roll.

But back to my reason for posting today...Top 10 Summer Hues for your nails!  All of the colors listed below will accompany your summertime tan and make your nails fabulous for summer.  And recently I saw something online saying that grooming your nails and wearing bright polish can in fact affect your mood and make you feel good.  Sold!

Let's get to it...these are all HLNC APPROVED (meaning that we own all of the polishes below!)

Deborah Lippmann in Naked

Nudes are perfect any time of year.  This one is clean, bare, beige and sheer.  You may have seen Mendi "haul" this polish recently and since she purchased it she has fallen in love with this shade.  It's the perfect nude and let me tell you that we have both tried lots of different nudes.

Essie Fifth Avenue

fifth avenue
A stylish and creamy red-orange blend perfect for the the upcoming July 4th holiday (even though this color is great anytime of year).  Perfect "firework" for you nails!

A gorgeous bright yellow for those who aren't intimidated to go all out - don't be scared! You know what they say, "Go bold or go home!"

Orly Rage (Foil FX Collection)

A metallic foil in a hot rose gold color - and you know how we feel at HLNC about rose gold - it can do no wrong!

Essie Mezmerised (Spring 2009 Collection)

A royal va-va blue that just screams SUMMER VACATION!  And if you are feeling brave you could even use this blue as an accent nail with some glitter over it (like OPI's Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry Collection) to go with the Essie Fifth Avenue for the holidays.  Just sayin'!  This is one of Mendi's faves for summer!

OPI San Tan-Tonio (Texas Collection)

OPI - San Tan-tonio *TEXAS COLLECTION 2011* (AX) #NLT13
A "honey" of a ten-gallon tan and boy does this color compliment a of our FAVES and to think that we almost didn't try it...we would have missed out! Flattering on all skin-tones!

Butter London in Queen Vic

Stunning, elegant and classy. Red wine meets Cranberry. Fit for a Queen.  We know this sounds a bit "Fallish" but the color is a gorgeous purple/magenta and Mendi loves it.  Not only is it a Fit for a Queen but it's the perfect fit for redheads! 

Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me

Clear with chunky and micro gold glitter - this is one of the "sexiest" polishes to use on your accent nail.  It demands attention!  I'm too sexy for my nails, too sexy for nails...oh dear lord now that song is stuck in my head! 

China Glaze in Custom Kicks (2009 Kicks Collection)

A perfect teal color with a light gold shimmer - we love this color on our little piggies :-) It's bold and beautiful!

Barielle in Flirtini

A Flirtatious Fuchsia - this fabulously bright fuchsia pink is great for the summer. Paint your nails in Flirtini and then pour yourself a Flirtini!  ("It tastes like PINK!" - If you guys watch Glee then I'm sure you get the reference.)  Both the polish and the drink are a must-have to help cool you down this summer!

These are just our TOP 10 Summer Hues...we obviously could have picked so many more to add to the list. We hope you enjoy and please let us know what are your favorite summer hues. We'd love to try a new brand or shade, so keep the recs coming!



  1. I love your recommendations for nail polish shades,I have to say one thing about the InSta Dri's really messy when it comes time to taking it off. But still I love that it dries quickly.

    Also I'm a Steelers fan and you can't paint your nails black and gold without it representing the Steelers! HAHAHAAHA

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  2. Hey Shasie! Oh no - the Steelers!! HAHA! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nail polish posts make me SO happy!!! Essie Mesmerize is where it's at! One of my most favorite blues! =) And Go Steelers!!!

  4. @ Tropical Mind - I know! They make us happy too! We might film a video soon on Mendi's collection - hers is large and in charge! :-)
    No Steelers! HAHA! Who Dat!

  5. @ Steffy - That gold glitter is awesome!! Really rich looking!!

  6. great shades! i love essie so much. unfortunately they discontinued my favorite color :( oh well - you've given me some great new options here. thank you & thank you for the follow!

    xo katie elizabeth
    Oh, Heyy Life!

  7. hi lovelies!
    thank you for stopping by my blog. ^_^
    Thank you for the recommendations on what to get my friend. <3
    Wow, lovely nail polishes.
    I really want to try the Butter nail polish.
    The color looks so beautiful!
    Amazing blog you lovelies have! ^_^

  8. OMGGG that gold sparkly sephora polish needs to be mine!

    xo Jackie

    Hope you'll stop by my blog & enter my giveaway.

  9. @ Katie Elizabeth - The word "discontinued" is such a horrible word!! :-) Thanks for stopping by and hope you find a polish that you love as much as the one that is no more.

  10. @MSodapop - Thanks so much for stopping by and for following! Hope you are enjoying your time with your friend!! Butter is a great splurge! Try it and let us know what you think.

  11. @ Jacquelyn - You will love the gold sparkle polish from Sephora! It's so rich looking!!

  12. aww a nail polish post :) Love it! Great colours :) x

  13. We seriously LOVE nail polishes - we really are obsessed! Thanks for stopping by!


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