Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jay Get's Schooled! MAC Style Sessions

When I watched this video back I'm not sure it conveyed my excitement.  Seriously, when I left this class I was on a high.  I feel like I learned a lot and had tons of FUN.  Who doesn't love playing in makeup and being around other like-minded people??  I will definitely sign up for another "Style Sessions" with MAC.

I just wanted to clarify the brush comment.  I feel like I was talking so fast.  Mendi and I don't have a complete set of brushes from any one brand.  We kind of pick and choose.  For example, I have some MAC brushes, a set from Lancome that I got as a free gift and some no name travel brushes that I really like. Some of Mendi's faves are the ELF brand & Sonia Kashuk from Target.  And we both love the Urban Decay brush that came in our Naked Palette.  The point is that you can find what you need at different places.  You don't have to go the MAC counter and buy 20 different brushes...unless you want to.  :-)

Products that came home with Mama:
False Lashes Mascara in Black
Eye Brow Pencil in Lingering (This has changed my life!  HAHA!)
Beauty Powder Blush in Alpha Girl
217 Blending Brush
Big Bounce Shadow in Rich Thrills
Big Bounce Shadow in Black Diamond
Big Bounce Shadow in Cool Elite

Thank you MAC and thank you to our Short Pump Nordstrom!  Let's have more of these "Style Sessions"...pretty please?!?!



  1. Great tip for applying mascara on top side of lashes too. I heard that not too long ago and I always forget to do it. thanks for the reminder!

  2. Me too! And yes, great tips, thanks for sharing!! Hopefully I will look a bit better now ;))

    And funny cause I am going to post later on a quick video/tutorial too! Topic: how to tie a Hermes (or other..) scarf (the real French way!)


  3. i love mac make-up! it's so fabulous. and thanks for the tip on brushes!


  4. Thank you for your king words!!!
    I'll wait for you to come back visit me!


  5. Sounds like you had so much fun! this look is great on you :) I just started using eyebrow pencil too! I didn't think I needed it but it makes such a difference :)

    Love, Vanilla


  6. @ The Blonde @ Stylish 3 - Thanks! I had never applied to the top side of my lashes. Will do now!

  7. @ absolutely faaabulous - HAHA! You are beautiful! Awesome, we will definitely check out your video!

  8. @ Claire - Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the video!

  9. @ Fabrizia - Thanks for coming over to say hi!!

  10. @ Vanilla - Thanks doll! I know, who knew that the eyebrow pencil would be that product that is so life changing?? :-)

  11. Love it J!! Mom & I went to MAC for makeover trial runs pre-wedding. They sold me on the the brow pencil you got. I never used to think about my filling in my brows until I had a Benefit makeover last fall. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!! For me being blonde, my brows are so pale, and you can barely see them, therfore, they need to be DEFINED!! It totally frames your face. I will tell you one product that I truly love (even more than the MAC brow pencil) is Benefit's Brow Zings!!!! It's a wax, with a contoured brush, then a setting powder w/ another brush. VERY easy to apply & the angled brush matches the angle of your brows, so it's super easy & looks great!!!!!! Highly recommend. It comes by itself or included in Benefit's Smokin' Eyes combo kit, which is another love of mine. Think I've mentioned it before. :)

  12. @ Jen - I'm still in awe over the brow pencil. It has seriously changed how I look and I love it. So glad you had the same experience. I love it when I find a product like this! I will have to look into the Benefit Brow Zings. Great rec girl! Thanks so much for commenting! We love this!!!


  13. Very helpful indeed!
    Check out my blog babe (:


  14. Thanks for stopping by! Heading to your blog now!


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