Monday, August 29, 2011

August Giveaway Winner...and Miss Irene

When there is good and bad news we always elect to hear the good first.  So here goes...

The winner of our August Giveaway is H&K Style Journey!!  They are a mother/daughter blogger team who love to have fun with fashion.  Congratulations to Heather and Kayla!  You are the proud new owners of the following:

OPI Touring America Mini Lacquer Set
Four of the best from OPI's Fall 2011 collection:  French Quarter for your Thoughts, Honk if you Love OPI, A-taupe the Space Needle & My Address is Hollywood

Benefit "Eye Gotta!" The Annie Collection
Described on Sephora's website as "a Sephora-exclusive kit featuring award-winning creaseless cream shadow/liners and powder eye shadows"

We can't wait to see you guys incorporate your prizes into your outfit posts!!

And now on to the not so good news... Most of you know that Hurricane Irene traveled up the East Coast this past weekend and while none of us were hurt in any way (which is the most important thing) it did leave lots of trees down and many without electricity.  We have been without power since Saturday morning, so we aren't going to be able to blog as much as we normally would.  Also, it may be awhile before we have new videos for you guys, because we had planned to film over the weekend, but Mother Nature had other plans.  So hang tight and bear with us while we deal with the aftermath of Miss Irene.  We promise that things here on HLNC will back to normal as soon as the electricity is back on...which can't be soon enough!!

Here are some pictures of the damage we've seen out and about in the Richmond area:

We hope that all of our East Coast friends are safe and sound.  Please let us know how things are around where you live.

We will be back to our regular schedule very soon (fingers crossed)!!

(Giveaway winner chosen via Random.Org)


  1. I am so glad to hear that y'all are ok. I was very worried about y'all over the weekend. I sure hope your power comes back on soon and that you are able to get things sorted out. The pics you posted are crazy! Esp. the one with the tree that landed right down the middle of the 2 story house. That is really terrible. Again I am just so grateful that y'all are ok =)

  2. Yah! We just sent our mailing information!

    Sorry to hear about you being without power, but glad you are all ok! The photos are amazing. Take care and good luck. You will be up and running in no time :)

    Heather and Kayla

  3. Omg, that pic with the tree. @_@ Glad you guys made it out alright. Hope that electricity comes back soon!!

  4. @ Tropical Mind - It was more intense than we thought it was going to be and had no idea that so many trees would come down and we'd all be out of power. It's day 2 and we are about to climb the walls at home!

    @ Style Journey - Congrats to you both again! We are so exited for you to get your goodies!

    @ Shop N' Chomp - We do too! It's so weird to be in a completely quiet house. We need noise! :-)

  5. Wow, the photos look scary! I'm glad you're ok and I hope you'll get the electricity back soon.

  6. Glad y'all are both safe! Hope the power comes back on soon... not a good time of year to be without A/C.

  7. Hope you get your power back soon! We lost ours Saturday morning and just got it back this afternoon.

  8. Congrats you two for winning! Love benefit products :)

    Omg that is seriously scary. Im glad you beauties are alright. Poor houses ;_;

  9. Wow, amazing & scary pictures. I have friends in Manhattan right now so I was worried for them, but it sounds like NY city survived relatively unscathed. Take care!

  10. Wow that is nuts. And I've been complaining because of all the rain... Stay safe!!

  11. @ Clara - Thanks!

    @ Jen - Thanks! We've all had enough rain!

    @ Tracy D - I was worried about NYC too and thank goodness it wasn't bad there. That could have been a mess!

    @ Mie - We love Benefit too!! Thanks!

    @ T - Can you believe that Mendi just got hers last night and Jayme is still without?? Glad you got your back on though!!

    @ The Blonde - Ah...I miss having electricity. ~ Jayme

  12. Glad that you guys are doing ok. This just breaks my heart.


  13. Congrats to the winner! :)
    And hope everything will be ok there! Glad you're both alright!

    *Cappuccino and Fashion* blog

  14. @ Jackie - Thanks Jackie! It's been crazy and we can't even begin to comprehend what people have gone through when it's been so much worse that we we got.

    @ Madeline - Thanks!!


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