Monday, August 20, 2012

Mendi's August Photos: Days 1-15

First things first, I want to wish Jayme a very Happy Birthday today!! After a weekend full of birthday festivities, I hope that today includes sleeping in late and doing a little shopping (but not too much without me!), snuggling with your babes and letting Wes spoil you. Your friendship means everything to me and I can't imagine my life without you in it. To many, many more years of making memories and having amazing times...cheers!

Now on to my August photos...

day 1 -- outside
A regular lunchtime stop for Jayme & I. Not even gonna lie, I want it right now.

day 2 -- one
I bought my first pair of Toms this month. I love them AND I love their "one for one" mission.

day 3 -- coin
This is all of the money that I had on me. Wonder what seventy cents could get me? Not much.

day 4 -- somewhere you sat
In the passenger seat, going through the Starbucks drive-thru with the hubz. Oh and that pretty new MK was a birthday gift from Jayme & I'm kinda obsessed with it.

day 5 -- logo
I love seeing this logo because it means that I'm satisfying my Trenta Unsweet Passion Tea craving. See day 4.

day 6 -- writing
Our post for the 6th, scheduled into our blogging notebook. I don't leave home without it.

day 7 -- 8 o'clock
Wait. What happened to my photo? Oops.

day 8 -- glasses
Gotta have options, people. These are in my car at all times.

day 9 -- messy
The inside of my bag. Lipglosses (a plenty), reading material, a clutch to hold my debit/credit cards, Special K bars, our blogging notebook, coupons and's what I like to call organized chaos.

day 10 -- ring
Other than my wedding rings, I don't wear rings that often, but this pretty little number (when I do wear her) is one of my faves. It's the Albany Street ring from Boutique on Feet and it comes in other pretty colors!

day 11 -- purple
I broke down and got these babies at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale...for only $45!! Come to mama.

day 12 -- spoon
My favorite kind of spoon. Doesn't this pic just make you want to get down there with them and triple spoon?? Don't worry, I did. 

day 13 -- simple
My simple go-to stack here lately. Love, love and love. The Stella & Dot Renegade bracelet was another birthday gift from Jayme. I had wanted it for SO long! It was worth the wait.

day 14 -- arrow
An exit arrow at work. I think it was telling me to GO HOME!!

day 15 -- ready
Waiting impatiently at the dentist office for my six month cleaning. I'm not a fan of having someone all up in my grill. I can't get out of there soon enough.

There you go! That's my first half of August in snapshots. I'm looking forward to next month's Photo-a-Days because I'll be in San Francisco for six of the first fifteen days of the month. Woohoo!!

I'd love to hear (or see) how August has been treating you guys! Be sure to drop us a comment if you're down with this whole Photo-a-Day thing so that we can check out your pics!



  1. Happy Birthday to Jayme! The photos of your furbabies cuddled up is so precious :)

  2. Great photos & HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYME!!! Have a great day ladies.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! My favorite picture has to be chipotle :) hmmm

  4. Happy Birthday Jayme!!! I hope you have a fabulous day!!

    Great photos Mendi! I need to get back into doing this! Maybe September will be my month. :)

  5. I love both of Jayme's gifts to you! The MK bag is gorgeous :)

  6. Happy birthday Jayme. You have the same birthday as my bil.

  7. Happy b-day, Jayme!! Love that pic of the two of you. :D

    I am all about the carnitas burito bowl with a side of chips and guac at Chipotle!

  8. Happy Bday Jayme!! And have fun in SF Mendi! Btw Im lovin that Stella and Dot bracelet! They make the cutest stuff!


  9. "all up in my grill" ha! You crack me up lady

  10. Happy birthday Jayme!! I'm so sorry I couldn't make it out to Havana but I know yall had plenty of cocktails for me ;)

  11. Happy Birthday Jayme! Love that first picture of y'all!

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  12. Happy Birthday Jayme!
    You guys are so good at completing this photo a day challenge! Have you guys ever switched which halves of the month you do or is it set?


  13. Happy Birthday Jayme!!!! Hope it was fab <3

  14. Amazing clicks ..hope u had great time and Chipostle is my favourite too.
    New post up.

  15. Happy birthday Jayme! I hope this year is full of fun and love! Xoxoxxo (PS, love the pics!)

  16. a blogging notebook?! what a great way to stay organized. and i LOVE those running shoes!!

  17. I'm not sure about Toms, I have my reservations but the shoes sure are cute! And you really do love MK don't you ;) Jayme is so great with gifts. You struck with lucky with such an awesome friend! xoxox

  18. Happy Birthday to Jayme!!! That picture of you two is great! Loved seeing your pics, Mendi! xo

  19. I loved all your pics! And I share that passion for Starbucks Trenta. Been rolling through there and getting unsweetened green tea. I need to try the one u mentioned.

  20. Happy Birthday, Jayme! cute picture of the two of you :) and i love the michael kors bag! super cute!

  21. Happy Birthday, Jayme!! Mendi, your photos are fantastic!

  22. Happy Birthday to Jayme!! Hope your day is absolutely fabulous and you're spoiled just the way you should be on your b-day. And I love your August pictures! Love your new running shoes.. mine are bright and fun like that too :)


  23. Love the MK bag! I would be a bit obsessed with it too. :)


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  24. Happy Birthday Jayme :) Love the pictures! I have sunglasses everywhere too.. they are never around when you need them!


  25. First of all, I wish you a Happy Birthday and all the happiness in the world! And I have to say these posts are so addictive, I've been spending some time now just checking all of yours from the past months. I love seeing your accessories in them! :)

  26. Happy happy birthday!! Hope it's amazing :)

  27. The inside of your purse is the cleanest "messy" I've ever seen!! I love the idea of a photo a day--I just might have to jump on the bandwagon sometime...

  28. Happy Belated Bday Jayme! :) You and my daughter share birthday days (& my MIL as well, haha)... Hope you had a great one.

    Great pics Mendi! I need to go get me some new workout shoes. ASAP!



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