Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall Beauty Trends You Can Actually Wear

While thumbing through the August issue of InStyle magazine, we came across a beauty related article titled "10 Trends You Can Actually Wear".  We love to use InStyle as inspiration to get us researching and hunting for fun beauty products. Let's jump in and see what trends they mention that would appeal to you guys.

1. Bordeaux Pout
According to the article, wine stained lips were running rampant on the runways this year. Now with lip stains you can apply heavy for a deep stain or apply lightly and take your finger and smear the color so that you get a slightly softer stain. We chose to show one of the popular Revlon lip stains as an affordable way to participate in this fall trend.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.Opens in a new window
image via Target

2. Blue Streaks
Not only is bright blue popular in fashion but it has also made its mark in the beauty industry. We think a super easy way to participate in this trend is by incorporating either a bold blue eyeliner or mascara. If you go with blue, then the idea is to keep the rest of your face very natural looking so the focus is on the blue.

image via Sephora

image via Sephora

3. The Reverse French Mani
Say au revoir to the classic french manicure where white tips reigned supreme. According to the article the hot way to go is to use a metallic on your tips like gold. Try a rich fall color on your nails and then tip with a dazzling gold and you are ready for a night out with this sexy updated version of a classic.

image via Nordstrom

image via Neiman Marcus

4. Braidy Bunch
Braids have been a recurring look in the last years beauty trends, but this one is now taking shape in more of a "halo effect". We feel that this look is a little Disney princess/milkmaid but if you've got the hair and the nerve, then go for it!

Sienna Miller
image via InStyle (Sara De Boer/Retna)

5. Crown Jewels
And we aren't talking about the Queen of England. Instead we want to share with you that decorative head-wear is in and it's not limited to headbands like we have seen in the past. Any kind of decorative/embellished clip, barrette and headbands are great ways to transform your look and make a statement.

image via Modcloth

6. Big Bang
Bangs are still in! According to InStyle "the blunter, the better." Now we've never tried the more straight across blunt cut bang and not sure that we could pull this off, but it does look good on the right person.  We pulled a photo of Rihanna circa 2007 but it just goes to show that so many styles make their way back.

image via InStyle (Jackie Butler/Retna)

7. Brow Wow
This is another trend that has made its way onto HLNC. Anyone can get a brow pencil, whether it's at the drugstore or a high end brand and go to work on their brows. Thick brows were very in on the runways and it's easy to recreate at home if your brows are begging for a makeover. But make sure to keep it as natural as possible. You don't want to scare anyone!

image via Allure

8. Welcome Matte
Matte lipstick is popular for fall, but not just any shade...RED! Bright matte red lips are a way to add some sizzle to those cooler nights of fall. Now as you all know, if you are wearing a matte red then you need to make sure that your lips have been exfoliated and are primed and ready for this bold and beautiful color. Because your lips will get attention!

image via Sephora

9. Winged Out
Another fall trend that is not new to us is the bold cat eye. It's such a fun way to experiment with your makeup! It's easiest to do with a liquid liner, so don't be scared!  

Ginnifer Goodwin - Zoe Saldana - Nelly Furtado - Kristen Bell
image via InStyle ( AFF-USA; PRPhotos; Getty Images (2))

image via Ulta

10. Side-Winders
The french twist...hmmm....have you guys ever worn this updo when it wasn't for a prom/wedding event? It does look pretty for a night out. Be sure to use some good styling products and have plenty of bobby/hair pins on hand.

So that does it for some fabulous fall trends that we all can incorporate into our daily looks. What do you guys think? Any that you can't wait to try? Or are there some that you loathe? Drop us comments and let us know! We always love to hear what you think!


  1. I love InStyle as a resource as well. I'm excited about the bordeaux pout and blue streaks. I just bought some blue mascara too :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. While I'm loving the blue trend in fashion, I'm not sure I can embrace it when it comes to makeup. My grandmother lectured me once about how wearing blue eye makeup makes one look like a prostitute. I think I was 7. Haha. Thanks Nana. I still can't wear it.

    Loving the other trends though!

    xo, Emily

  3. I'm excited to try many of these. Dark lips, but not too dark for me (I'm really pale). I'd love to try blue liner and mascara too, that looks fun!

  4. You made me so excited for fall! I can't wait :)

  5. I am all about the cat eye look! I'm also growing my eyebrows out for a fuller look. :)

  6. So many interesting trends to try out! I love the braided hair and the blue eyeliner & mascars. :)

  7. I've been dying to try one of those Revlon balm stains! I could totally see myself trying out the reverse french mani with some nice fall colors :)

  8. I just bought a wine tinted lipstick yesterday! I also like the blue eyeliner idea, I've worn it a few times in the past smudged and think it makes my eyes pop. Would love to try a winged eyeliner too!

  9. As soon as I saw crush I just had to stop by its becoming one of my fave colors its so rich and moisturizing and I love the winged liner its so sexy and classic. I wish I could braid my hair thats the only thing I cant try : ( lol.

  10. these trends are great!! and each one is so easy, whether it's going out and getting that one lip, eye, brow pencil...or a new piece to put in my hair! Love them all!! I definitely love winged gonna do that more for fall...and try the darker lip colors!


  11. Hi lovelies, thanks for keeping me up to date with the latest beauty trends. I am all for bordeaux lips, blunt fringes and french twists!

  12. I loveee these trends... especially the bordeaux lip! Can't wait to try it out :)

  13. I bought crush but it turned out to be way too dark for me. I felt almost goth wearing it so I think I'll look for a softer berry color. Great post though and love the kissable balm stains in general.


  14. I love using the revlon just bitten stains because I don't have to worry about it again after I put it on once.

  15. Great tips thanks for sharing.

  16. I will be wearing red matte lipstick. I have been wearing red for 20 reason to stop now.
    One chic Mom

  17. Thank you for sharing! This perfect since I'm going to attend our company anniversary :)

  18. love all these trends!! very nice post i cant wait for fall to arrive ;)

    kisses <3

  19. I've never tried colored mascara before but it looks pretty enough!



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