Monday, August 13, 2012

Jayme's Pre-Birthday Loot: Outlet Haul

In case you are like me and didn't know, the MAC Rose Ole Special Reserve Highlighting Powder came out in December 2010 as a part of the Cham-Pale collection.

The Estee Lauder eye shadow reminded me of the MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize eyeshadow in Golden Glaze. I new it was MAC but couldn't remember which one. They aren't that alike but the dark undertone with the metallic is similar. So excited to use this!

Hope you enjoyed my latest haul. Are you guys "Back to School" shopping like me? :-)

Thanks for watching!!


  1. Happy early birthday! We have been doing tons of back to school shopping. A little for the girls and a little for me :) Heather

  2. Hiya dear, thanks for your insight on my post today, this reminded me that I have not bought one decent bit of makeup in ages! Its always the shopping trips that you don't plan that you find the nicest loot!

  3. I love outlet shopping, it can be a lot of fun! I really like the hunter green pants. They go with so many things and look great!

  4. Great Haul and happy early birthday. I've been shopping way too much lately. All of the new Fall items have been calling my name.

  5. Wishing you a happy (early) birthday! What a great haul. I don't have back to school shopping to do anymore.. So I'll have to come up with another reason to shop :)

    I....have not been on any kind of haul for at least 4 months....surprisingly haha.
    I have to save up for NYC....but until then...I can live vicariously through bloggers like you :)
    great haul!!


  7. I love the Gap (since high school) and the outlet never fails me for jeans. Our real Gap closed so I have to shop online most of the time unless I go to Tulsa or St. Louis.
    I think everything you picked was great!
    (what is cco?)
    You still have great color from your trip and your hair looks so cute up like that.
    Have a great week!


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