Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

What exactly does today represent?  Well, we looked it up and found that Cinco de Mayo (or the fifth of May) is a date that marks the Mexican army's victory over France in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War which took place between 1861-1867.  From what we know it is not a huge holiday in Mexico and is not the Mexican Independence Day like many believe.  Cinco de Mayo is mostly observed in the U.S. (especially in areas with large Mexican-American populations) as a celebration of Mexican heritage, culture and pride.

And let us tell you that Richmond loves Cinco de Mayo!  It's kind of a mini-holiday around here.  Our city is all about a celebration that meshes hanging out with good friends and good food and drinks.  Tonight you won't be able to step foot inside of any of our local Mexican restaurants unless you arrive early because they will be packed to the gills.  And we can't even begin to count the number of margaritas that will be consumed on this day!  So we thought that today would be the prefect time to share our super easy recipe for margaritas.  Seriously this is a margarita recipe for dummies if you will and we love it!

What you need:
Crushed Ice
Tequila of choice
Minute Maid Limeade
Dash of salt

Fill your glass with as much ice as you'd like...
Add the appropriate amount of tequila...
Then mix in Limeade...
Finish off with a dash of salt...
Stir and enjoy!

(Patron is our favorite tequila and while it's normally reserved for shots we also enjoy it in margaritas from time to time. However, any tequila will do!)

So sit back and turn the mariachi music up and give a toast to Cinco de Mayo!!!!

We do not condone underage drinking so please be 21 years of age to partake in the above. Also please drink responsibly and always have a designated driver.


  1. Cool, who knew the real meaning of Cinco De Mayo? That's neat to know!

    Live Life in Style

  2. @ Shasie - I know, right! We needed some history to go with our 'rita!

  3. Thank you Girls!!!!
    I follow you back...
    I wish you a nice day!
    The Parisienne

  4. Great drink recipe, will try it and link back to you guys.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  5. @ Parisienne - Thanks for the follow! Have an awesome weekend!

  6. @ Cinderella's Closet NYC - We hope you love it! But there is a will have to have more than one!
    Just commented on your latest post and are now following you!

  7. yum! looks delicious!

    thanks for visiting my blog! following you now.

  8. @ The Blonde @ Stylish3 - It's so good! Might even need to make one when I get home from work! :-) Thanks for the follow!


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