Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Three Day Weekend...The Clothing Edition

It's official...summer's here.  And along with summer comes opportunities to take quick three day weekend trips to somewhere fun...be it a beach, a lake or a hot city.  And by "hot" we mean "happening."  So if you have any quick trips planned for this summer, we wanted to help you out with your packing.

Mendi recently took a trip to Chicago with her husband & she WAY overpacked (shocker, right), but with the increased costs associated with checking luggage at the airport, we thought we'd see if we can't help you keep your packing to just carry-ons.  (With just about every airline - check with yours if you want to be on the safe side - you can carry on a purse/tote plus one small suitcase.  We found this handy list for size restrictions for carry-on luggage here.)

Because these posts are going to be photo-heavy, we're going to break them down for you in three editions...a CLOTHING, an ACCESSORIES & a PRODUCTS.  So stay tuned for more in the series.

But for now, here's the who's, how's, what's & where's of what we would suggest packing for a three day weekend trip:


Asymmetrical cardigan

 Mod Surf Swim Coverup Dress - Roxy

Of course these items are all just OUR suggestions...feel free to do your own "tweaking" to fit your personal style!  Links are below each photo for where we found everything online.

If you have plans to go anywhere fun this summer, please drop us a comment & let us know!  Maybe we can fit in your carry-on.  ;-)


  1. Love these picks, I def need some white skinny jeans!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Let us know if you end up buying some white skinny jeans!

  3. I've been looking for some white skinny jeans...any suggestions?! Bannana & J. Crew are running too expensive for my wallet right now!

  4. I like the scarf. I wearing them on my head while at the beach ;-)


  5. Thanks for your lovely comment!I like everything but especially the white dress!
    Following u!Hope you'll do the same ;)


  6. @ Erika - We love scarves! Gotta keep your head covered while at the beach girl! :-)

  7. @ Elena - Thanks so much for stopping by and for following! We are following you too! Hope you are feeling better!!

  8. @ Anonymous - If you are looking for white skinny jeans that won't break the bank then we suggest trying Old Navy, H&M and even Macy's. Saw some in Old Navy that looked cute and were about $30. Happy Shopping!

  9. I spent the whole weekend chillin at home. It was so relaxing. I got a lot of stuff done. I met it with some friends for some fun stuff like a hockey game and bday party, but I mostly chilled, and went to the pool! Hope you ladies had a great weekend

    Live Life in Style

  10. @ Shasie - Sounds like an awesome weekend!! It's great to feel relaxed after a long weekend. We felt the same way!


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