Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day in the Life...

...of two chocolate labs.  More specifically, Nugget & Zoey, who you may remember from their HLNC debut in a bloopers video here.  We attended a Dog Swim Day at one of our local neighborhood pools last weekend & my girls had a blast (to say the least)...

We had some VERY sleepy babies the remainder of that day!! 

The event was to support our local Richmond Autism Society, which we completely support because I have a 7-year old nephew with autism, who I love SO much.  Anything that we can do to get behind such a good cause, count us in!  And our girls too!! 

Zoey even did her fair share of lifeguarding:

Hope you had fun watching my silly stinker heads!



  1. How fun!!!! Wish Tyson could tread water. Ally, on the other hand, LOVES swimming. Don't you love how you wear them out and they sleep for the rest of the day? :)

    My heart goes out to your nephew. You did a great thing supporting the cause. I worked for a nutritionist for 2 years and most of our patients were Autistic children, one being my old coworker. He's lucky to have a great aunt!

  2. Hi Briggs & Jules! Thanks for leaving a comment! It was a lot of fun...the girls had a blast (as you can tell)!


  3. Thank you Linh! You're so sweet! I really appreciate your kind words about my nephew. :) He's an awesome little guy. He "schools" me on something new everytime I get to see him...hahaha. He's great! I'm the lucky one.

    My girls were exhausted that night & the next day too. We wondered if we had dogs that night!!


  4. @ Belle - Thanks! They are my baby girls! We will email you as soon as we ship out your package. So excited for you to get them. :)

  5. @ Shasie - Thanks girl! Aw, you should get a pet - they are the best companions!


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