Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Join Us for Happy Hour

We're taking a break from our regularly scheduled posts here at HLNC today to introduce you guys to The Ham's from The Happy Hour. We just met this adorable couple through the universal world of blogging about a month ago and we immediately fell head over heels for their spunky personality, their fun food adventures and their impeccable sense of style. We even try our hardest to contain our envy when we see them cruising the streets of So Cal on their cute little red Vespa.  We'll leave it to them to "ham" it up for you now...

it's a happy day here in sunny california, it's 85 degrees out and i'm just lounging by the pool. ok, ok, so the pool part is not true, but that sunny 85 degrees sure is! let me rewind a little...

i am meg, he is tanner, and together we are the hams! after our quick meet-n-greet in banana republic in utah we became inseparable, (after i broke up with his best friend that is)... we then fell fast in love and were married in the summertime of 2009. peer pressure from friends and family of not starting a family in our first year of marriage, caused myself to start a blog! and if blogging is anything like what type of mother i'll be... at least i'll be consistent even though i don't know what i'm doing! ha

since then we made a move to southern california where we currently live now. i am learning the ins and outs of my new town and good places for grub. i blog about our everyday adventures and everything else in-between! while i'm no fashion blogger by any means, i felt it appropriate to show you a little bit of my latest cravings (my red pants and fur sweater)... we hope you come and stop by the happy hour to get HAMmered with us! *winks*

with love,


  1. she is hilarious. i just started following her.
    xx jes

    ps your button is up on our blog now! hey, hey!

  2. so darn cute! i love their blog :)

  3. seems very interesting love her outfits and haircut

    would love if you ladies checked out my new blog


  4. Kinda jealous of their nice weather since it's been so cold in Richmond. I guess I shouldn't worry though 'cause in 2 days it'll be 70 here.

    Def checking out their blog now...

  5. Oh I'm so wanting to be there.. woke up to snow here in the Pacific Northwest. Sweet couple and the outfits!


  6. Love this and them!! Following them now! I need that laugh!! been a looooong day!
    Because Shanna Said So

  7. oh my god...I love this feature! How totally adorable!! such a cute story..and I love that they are out in SO CAL!! I need to take my beach cruiser out for a spin!
    and i totally love her style!! both looks are amazing!


  8. Cute outfits and fun post! Ah, Southern Cali is the best.

  9. i think my favorite is the first outfit, its really cute ;)

  10. Belle le scarpe della prima foto.

    Baci Marcella

  11. amazing! :D

    new trend check it out! comment me dear :D

  12. Thanks so much for introducing me to this adorable blog, I love it!

    Happy Wednesday!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  13. ur first outfit is super cute! love the blog :)

  14. Super jealous of the weather right now. It isn't bad here, but I have a feeling that we still have one more cold snap.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. Love both looks but my fav is the first one!

  16. Nice post you guys.
    And love the Forever 21 haul too.
    Pop by and say hello to me :)



  17. Ooh I miss sunny CA something fierce - I travel between Southern CA and UT and right now I'm in UT and it's cold! So enjoy the warm weather for me. Your outfits are perfect for the weather, I can't wait to be back there so I can wear cute outfits too!

  18. thanks for sharing. in love with those red pants! :]

    xx :: ashlyn

  19. seriously meg is so stinkin' cute!! and i love she is a Cali girl, she has a great sense of style and her posts are always fun

  20. I really like that first look!


  21. So happy to have found your blog..now following and looking forward to reading your posts!

  22. well thank you for boosting my confidence ladies! means a lot!


  23. This is so beautiful. Thanks for the introduction to another great blog ladies. Off to soak up more of The Hams!

  24. you both look fab

  25. They are so cute and she sounds like she has a great personality!!


  26. Wow great outfits. Like the blouse with the dots :)

    Lovely greetz from germany.

    Ina :*

  27. Love the outfits! So glad I stumbled upon y'alls blog!! Can't wait to start following : )



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