Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Low-Down: Bliss Triple Oxygen Starter Series

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What Sephora says:

What it is: 
A set that provides an at-home introduction to the radiance-revving Triple Oxygen Treatment™ facial from Bliss Spas.

What it is formulated to do: 
This kit includes introductory sizes of the top glow-getting formulas from Bliss. They poured the expertise behind their spa's triple oxygen treatment into these formulas, so get your skin on the 'bright' track in four simple steps.

This set contains:
- 0.1 oz Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Gel
- 0.5 oz Triple Oxygen+C Energizing Cream
- 0.34 oz Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask
- 1.7 oz Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam

Suggested Usage:
-Cleanse: Remove make up and impurities with triple oxygen instant energizing cleansing foam.
-Brighten: Apply a fresh, foaming layer of triple oxygen instant energizing mask.
-Depuff: Apply triple oxygen instant energizing eye gel around the contour of the eye.
-Moisturize: Leave skin dewy with a layer of triple oxygen + c energizing cream.

Are you guys fans of Bliss? And have you tried any of these products? As I said, I just love the foaming action of the Energizing Mask, so I would definitely recommend at least that one product. It's so unique and I totally plan to repurchase. 

Thanks for watching!



  1. You have me wanting the Instant Energizing Mask! Looks like a lot of fun! :)

  2. I've never tried any of the bliss products but if you like it I'll definitely consider giving it a whirl!

  3. I love bliss, I go to the Spa in Dallas all the time! The mask is definitely one of my favorites, it makes your skin have a great glow :)

    xo SideSmile,

  4. i haven't tried any of these products but at this point in time, with this zit that is about to take over my face, i think i would try anything!
    xx jes

  5. I've heard a little bit about the oxygen products seem like they would be really efficient in cleansing and purifying the skin!


  6. Always such great reviews! Sounds like a fantastic product and might just have to try it out some time. :)

    Love from the NaNa girls x

  7. I haven't tried or heard about these, it sounds like it might be worth having a look....

  8. Well, this definitely sounds interesting, I should give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  9. I have wanted to try their stuff for a while! My mom just got one of their eye creams and loves it. I want to try the vitamin c lotion, I tried it once before and my skin was literally glowing under my bare minerals. I just wish I came with spf in it...

  10. Thanks for this suggestion! I had never heard of this!

  11. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I am passing along the Versatile Blogger Award to you. For more information on this award, go to my post here

  12. I love the Instant Energizing Mask it's such a lovely product:):) Expensive but worth it. I got it in a set with other products in the Christmas sales, I'm glad I did. I really like the scent too:) xxx


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