Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nail Polish Obsession TAG!

We hope you guys enjoy watching this short video about one of our favorite topics: NAIL POLISH! A big "thanks" goes out to Love From Mallory for doing this tag on her channel. Be sure to stop by and check out her videos!

The questions:
1) What's your favorite nail polish company?
2) Glitter or no glitter?
3) OPI, China Glaze or Essie?
4) When do you change your nail polish?
5) What's your favorite color on your nails?
6) Darks or brights?
7) What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?
8) Matte nails -- in or out?
9) French manicure?
10) Favorite spring color?

We'd love for any of you to jump in on the fun by posting a video response on YouTube, leaving us your comments below or even doing this tag as a written post on your blog!


  1. loving the nail post! I personally love Gelish products! I do it at home with my own lamp and residue remover. Easy


  2. I enjoyed this video, I think the questions were really great and well-thought of!

  3. awwh very cute!

    xo Jenn


  4. Great post! I personally love Essie and the more glitter the better, however it's a pain to take off!


  5. You guys are so cute in this video!
    (You're always cute - but extra cute in this one!)

    Tart Deco by Essie is my go-to polish...I love it!
    And I'll have to admit...I love a good French pedi :)


  6. LOve it, my personal favorite is essie


  7. Y'all are too cute! I'm such a nail snob -- go to get a mani/pedi at least once a week if not every 2 weeks & stick with the same colors most of the time {but trying to break that habit!} Hope you girls have a lovely week!!

  8. Love this!!! I also am obsessed with nail polish.


  9. sadly...and terribly, I am a nail biter (I know...gross) that needs to be rid of this horrific habit! I am always inspired and motivated to stop biting when I look at your nail polish posts....
    I think it's time to make that major step...


  10. What an amazing post and video! I'm going to try and answer your questions:

    1) Essie
    2) Glitter, by all means, day or night :)
    3) Essie, forever and always.
    4) Every 2-3 days.
    5) All shades of pink.
    6) Both, it all depends on my mood and outfit.
    7) Nothing :)
    8) Not for me, I don't like the look on my nails.
    9) Nay, out for me!
    10) Pink, of course :)

    Happy Wednesday!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  11. This is an awesome TAG!!! As per usual, I had to do it too! Here is a link: http://tropicalmind.blogspot.com/2012/03/nail-polish-obsession-tag.html

  12. I'm wearing Ballet slippers from Essie. It's an oldie but one of my favs! Thanks for commenting on my post. I am loving the Sping line from Etcetera!

  13. What a cute post! and fun idea. I am obsessed with nail polish too- debating which color to paint my nails as we speak! cute blog! xo

  14. I've heard mixed reviews about Zoya but I recently got a bottle in my BirchBox and love it!

  15. I did my nails over the weekend with OPI Gouda Gouda Two shoes. It was a gorgeous color with a slight shimmer. But then I added Essie's Cut Above for a WOW accent nail. I'll try to post pictures later!

  16. Love these, you two are lovely.


  17. I bought "I have a herring problem" and "Pedal faster Suzi!" from the Holland collection. I really love "Pedal faster Suzi!" So gorgeous on!


  18. very useful and great post!Thanks a lot for your comment!I'm happy to follow you too on GFC!

  19. Great finds! I Love butter London and Essie polish the best! One thing I am desperate to try is Tom Ford lipstick! I may take the plunge next week and order a tube from Saks. I just have to decide on a color. Have you girls tried this lipstick yet? It is pricey but I am willing to take the risk. I am looking at either Casablanca or Indian Rose.

  20. You guys are too cute on this video and your nail polish picks are awesome.

    <3 Marina

  21. I'm one of the die hard older ladies that gets acrylics...don't laugh. I LOVE having my nail always look awesome for 2-3 weeks without doing anything. My natural nails have always been terrible...soft, chipping, peeling and nothing ever helped them. But I love polishes and take my own to the salon. My acrylics started when my boss called called me one Sunday and told me I was going to be interviewed by local TV the next day. I was so busy cramming on the subject matter (Chaplain and grief specialist) that did not have time to do my nails. I said, "No more...acrylics for me. Love your vids!

    1. Hey Vicki!! Hey at least your nail polish lasts for weeks!! We have to change ours our once a week. :-) Thanks so much for watching and for taking the time to leave us a comment. :-)


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