Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jayme's May Photos: Days 17-31

You guys recently got to see Mendi's May Photos (see post here if you missed it) and now it's my turn. I love having the second half of the month for some reason and I had a lot of fun snapping photos and playing with Instagram. In fact, Mendi and I enjoyed it so much that we are going to be participating in June's Photo A Day too. But let me not get ahead of myself...on to days 17-31...

day 17 -- snack
Been on the healthy train lately!

day 18 - something you made 
I got this idea from Young House Love a few years ago. I only have three so far but I love filling my little glass jars with memories of vacations starting with our trip to Mexico when we got married. We have one for NYC and another for Vegas and can't wait to fill more by the end of this year.

day 19 -- favourite place
Oh our leather's so comfy and it looks like it's calling my name!

day 20 -- something you can't live without
My best husband Wes

day 21 -- where you stand
This photo task stumped me at first but then I thought of this t-shirt.  As most of you know I have a Pit (Jade) and fully support Pit Bulls. It's a shame that ignorant owners have given this breed such a bad name.

day 22 -- pink
Tarte blush in Dollface - a new fave!

day 23 -- something new
Straw fedora from Target for my upcoming trip to the Dominican...CAN'T WAIT!!

 day 24 -- technology
Just love Apple (please forgive the grubby finger prints)

 day 25 -- unusual
Nowadays fast food and diet coke are UNUSUAL in my everyday routine. It's been HARD but I'm working on being healthier but you still have to have "fun" days.

day 26 -- 12 o'clock
Is it bad that I was in bed watching a movie and thought about my photo this day but was too lazy to get up and snap a pic at 12 midnight? Probably!

day 27 -- sweet

Peanut butter...the occasional sweet treat.

day 28 --  weather
This day was overcast and HUMID! Just another "schweddy" day in RVA!

day 29 -- number
This is my Stella & Dot Third Time's A Charm necklace that I adore! Not only is the 3 rose gold but I got married on October 3rd so the number 3 is special to me (and the reason I bought this necklace).

day 30 -- your personality
Don't know why I thought of this candle holder when the direction was to snap a picture of my personality. I think it fits!

day 31 -- something beautiful
Just some plants in my yellow planter on my front stoop. They make me happy! (And I'm proud that we are remembering to water them so they stay alive!)

Did you participate in Fat Mum Slim's May Photo-a-Day?? Or do you get down with some other Instagram link-up party?? Pretty, pretty please let us know if you are, because we want to snoop through your pictures too. Hope you enjoyed our May Photos and stay tuned for June!



  1. I love these posts and hate that I don't have the dedication to stick it out through a whole month. I need a partner, me thinks. ;)

  2. Yum, Five Guys is one of my favorite splurges, too! I'd love to participate in one of these photo challenges. They sound like so much fun!

  3. I was waiting for you to take a pic of yourself for today as something beautiful!! Hahaha something I totally would've done :P I definitely failed the May Photo Challenge. I was going strong there for like, maybe a week...haha

    Had fun last night!! :)

  4. Great feodora.=)

  5. Great pictures! Once again I failed at mine. I agree, fast food is unusual just like T.V. haha

  6. That was such an interesting way to get to know you better!! Great idea!! Stacie xo

  7. Those are great! I need to get mine together and see how many days I missed, I think there were quite a few. :/
    Hope ya'll had fun last night, sorry I missed it :(

  8. Love that "3" necklace. Its gorgeous.

  9. So fun!!!! I absolutely love that yellow planter!! YoungHouseLove is one of my favorite RVA blogs! Five Guys is to. die. for. delish. Totally forgivable to indulge once in a while (and apparently junk food is a great plateau-buster!!). That rose gold "3" necklace is gorgeous! As you well know, I also heart pit bulls!!

    Now I'm gonna have to check out June's Photo A Day and possibly participate - and next week I will be posting my Days 15-31!

  10. I love this idea of a photo a day :) I need to finally get around to trying Instagram!

  11. There's a lot to love here. Healthy snacks, included.
    I also love the vacation memory jars! Such a great idea. This just means I need to go on more vacations.
    And our computers are twins. Grubby fingerprints and everything.

  12. i love the photo a day! great shots! i LOVE your blog header! its fabulous!!!!

  13. oh, that hat! oh, Five Guys! oh this seems like heaven.

  14. Yay for being healthier :)
    And I LOVE that vacay in a jar cute!


  15. I love that vacation jar idea! :D

  16. Awesome container plants. Mine never come out looking that full.

  17. I love getting to see the lives of other people!
    I almost bought that Tarte blush, it's a sign that i should get it (see how my sickness works, I make excuses)
    Great hat! Love some Target.

  18. love seeing these little snippets of your life! i'll have to keep the tarte blush in mind :-)

  19. I always love "snooping" through everyone's photo-a-day challenges! I love your interpretations of everything. I especially like your numbers necklace and why #3 is so important :)


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