Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mendi's May Photos: Days 1-16

Photo-a-Day is back!! We took the month of April off, but after having so much fun with March's Photo-a-Day challenge (which you can see here and here), we were excited to get back on this bandwagon for May. We're going to split it up again this month, so today you'll see my pictures from days 1 through 16 and at the end of the month you'll see Jayme's days 17 through 31. So, here's a little sneak peek into the world through my eyes (via Instagram)...

day 1 -- peace
My "me" time.

day 2 -- skyline
Crossing the James River on my way home after work.

day 3 -- something you wore today
One of my favorite new scarves. Check your Target.

day 4 -- fun!
Still loving this album. Favorite songs: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10. See...lots to love.

day 5 -- bird
This is Charles Dickens. He watches over and protects our den. Don't mess with Charles...he's ferocious.

day 6 -- you
I snuck the hubz in the shot with me.

day 7 -- someone that inspires you
One particular blogger that I admire for her creativity, her writing & her style is {av} from Long Distance Loving. Jayme & I are stoked that we're meeting her June 3rd @ Blogger Blitz DC.

day 8 -- a smell you adore
My new Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh from The Body Shop. Summer in a bottle.

day 9 -- something you do everyday
Blog.  :)

day 10 -- a favorite word
Live for 'em!!

day 11 -- kitchen
I love all of the plants (that I haven't managed to kill) residing in the corner behind my kitchen sink. My itty bitty greenhouse.

day 12 -- something that makes you happy
Shoes. OMG. Shoes.

day 13 -- mum
An early morning Mother's Day phone call to my mom who was in Charlotte visiting my sister & her family. We'll be celebrating this weekend once she & my dad are back home here in Richmond.

day 14 -- grass
All of the credit for our pretty green grass goes to my hubz. I'm not much of a yardwork kind of gal.

day 15 -- love
Seriously. What's not to love?!? (left: Nugget; right: Zoey)

day 16 -- what you're reading
I'm obsessed with my magazine subscriptions. This is only some of the ones that I get.

Are you participating in Fat Mum Slim's May Photo-a-Day?? Or do you get down with some other Instagram link-up party?? Pretty, pretty please let us know if you are, because we want to snoop through your pictures too.



  1. Is that real bird?! Those plants look great there.

  2. I want Nugget and Zoey. That is all. Seriously. Give them.

  3. Oh good shots, girl :)
    Love the one of you & your man!

    And LOVE that one of your dogs is named cute!

    Happy *almost* Friday! YES!

  4. Great pictures!!! Your dogs are so cute, and I definitely want to check out that body shop spray...anything that captures the smell of summer makes me happy :)

  5. yaaay so many great snapshots! this series is so fun!! hope you have a great weekend :)


  6. I'm finally participating in Photo A Day! And I LOVE it. Partially because I'm obsessed with Instagram. Hopped on the band wagon late (dang Droid!), but I'm catching up quick!

  7. Great Pictures!! The dogs are adorable and I must go smell the Body Shop perfume right away!

    1. I bought the perfume it smells great!

  8. Love the watchbird!
    Cute, sweet pups! I have 4!
    Shoes ♥
    I cut way down on my magazines a few years ago and missed them so I have even more now. It makes me happy!
    Thanks for the great photos!!

  9. I love pictures! I can so relate to the magazine subscriptions. Mine are out of hand, lol. Thanks for sharing Mendi!

  10. Love this interesting to get a sneak peek into your world. Your scarf is lovely, Charles Dickens is the cutest thing!! Your garden looks like the perfect place to chill and read all those fashion mags.

  11. You're pictures are great. I especially love the one of all your plants -- they look so healthy and green! I did my Part One of the #photoadayMAY too that you can see HERE.

  12. Love that scarf! I don't participate in any photo a day thing but I should. Instagram is my new best friend! I hope you girls will participate in my Summer Fashion Trend Link Up.

  13. oh I love these! i dont have instagram but i dont care....I am doing it anyways!

  14. charles dickens is so darling! what a fun challenge.

  15. your puppy's are super cute. Labs are great dog.

  16. I'm doing the photo a day for the first time this month! It's been fun so far! :) Charles Dickens cracks me up!

  17. and who wouldn't love those fur babies. And the magazines, you just reminded me to read my new Glamour from front to back!

  18. Love this!! I'm obsessed with instagram. It's so fun!!

  19. i really like your skyline photo. it's beautiful.

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  20. You take beautiful pictures.Will you just look at nugget's eyes here?! Awwww! Fun post.

  21. I get the uk cosmo and glamour every month. Wish we had allure over here.
    The next issue of glamour comes with benefit freebies :)

    1. Oh we are going to have to be on the lookout for the benefit freebies! Who doesn't love that?? :-)

  22. Great pictures!!

    Have a great weekend!

    ♥ Shia

  23. That is a lot of subscriptions! My daddy got me Cosmo, but that's all I get. Your pups are beautiful...I don't know how you manage two, though! I have a hard enough time with one. I live for the weekends too :)

  24. I'm a magazine horder! Would love a post featuring your favorites! :)

  25. Thanks for your nice words!!!

    Take care :)

  26. I don't know how I missed this--but thank you!!! The feeling is mutual :) can't WAIT for Sunday! xoxo {av}


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