Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paint & Polish Volume II

About two weeks ago Wes and I (along with our friends Heather and Scottie) went to the Super Chevy Car Show at the Virginia Motorsports Park. Almost a year ago we went to a car show where I got the brilliant idea of passing time by comparing paint jobs to nail polish (see post here). It was so much fun for me that I did it again and the paint colors (and cars) did not disappoint. 

Let's get to it...

This mint colored Bel-Air Wagon was one of my favorite paint jobs of the day. I saw mint green and was thinking "does that owner have any idea how hot that color is right now??" Immediately I thought of Essie's Mint Candy Apple. It's a favorite polish among Essie lovers and if I owned that car I would totally match my nails to my car and not even care!

OPI's Into the Night from The Spiderman collection is a great match up for this blue 1955 Bel-Air. Mendi and I recently won a giveaway of The Spiderman mini's (from Michelle at My Simple Life - thanks again!!) and this blue one was included. Can't wait to try it out so my nails can look as hot as the blue paint on this baby.

OPI Spiderman Collection - Into the Night

A few of our friends got the Color Club Disco Nap nail polish in their May Birchbox so when I saw this Malibu in all of its metallic gold glory I instantly thought of this polish. I love metallics and I love gold so this is a match made in heaven.

Did someone say HOT ORANGE?? This color has been a fave here on HLNC so much that we even dedicated a Friday's Fancies post solely to crushing on HOT ORANGE (you can see that post here). Essie's Orange, It's Obvious is a perfect match for this Camaro. A second runner up for this polish could also be Essie's Ole Caliente. 

orange, it's obvious

When I caught a glimpse of this interior I was thinking "Oh no he didn't!". That is surely a match for the Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Check it Out. Houndstooth on your nails and on your car seats...say what? I loved these seats and kind of wanted to just hang out inside the car but I don't think the owner would have appreciated that. 

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Check It Out.Opens in a new window

This '69 Chevelle just screamed China Glaze Argo from The Hunger Games Collection. It was shimmery, but not too sparkly and so so pretty. This is a polish that Mendi nor I have in our collection but after seeing this car I think we might "need" it. That is...if we can find it!

A product thumbnail of China Glaze The Hunger Games Specialty Colour Agro

With neons being all the rage right now I had to snap a pic of this Chevy II Nova in all of its lime green glory. I was thinking of a polish that I almost bought at Target not too long ago, the Sally Hansen Just in Lime, but I can't find an image of that anywhere. So I pulled another one that  I saw at Ulta recently called Piggy Polish in Envy. Looks like a really fun color for summer. We've never tried this brand, have any of you guys?

This Bel-Air made me happy with it's bright blue paint. I couldn't come up with an exact polish on the spot but after looking around I found Orly's Frisky. Perfect match for this sweet ride. There's no shimmer in the paint or in the polish...just a nice shiny creme. Check out the dice (or die as I'm assuming there are two of them). Every old car like this needs them!

Now this one might be a bit of a stretch but I was inspired. This Bel-Air had one of the coolest paint jobs there and I really wanted to showcase it but wasn't sure how. Then I thought of all of those magnetic polishes like the nails inc. Wave Magnetic polish in Trafalgar Square. the magnet helps to create designs on your nails kind of like how there are designs in this paint. To see what I'm gabbing about just check out Addicted to OPI's post about this polish here.

nails inc. - Wave Magnetic Polish

I really hope you guys enjoyed this second installment of Paint & Polish. It was really fun for me to put this together and it made my husband want to buy a muscle car and made me want to buy more nail polish. Wonder why?!! Oh and please forgive me if I have misidentified any of the cars.

Please drop me a comment and let me know what you think!



  1. Awww i love this post!!! Such a fun idea. Think the Bel Air Wagon is my favourite of these cars :)) So cute xxx

  2. One of my friends had Mint Candy Apple on her toes this weekend and when I asked her if that's what it was, her bf was like "how do you girls know this stuff" bahaha I'm still trying to find a bottle to get my hands on!

    Can't wait to see y'all tomorrow :)

  3. I do this too! Driving down the highway picking the best match of polish colours!
    Thanks for mentioning my blog! :)

  4. Oh aren't you just too cute. I love this idea :) And of course, love all the nail polish colors :D

  5. love that your husband wants a car and you want nail polish - you should get yours - its way cheaper!! I need some mint green polish right away!!!

  6. How fun is this! The ESSIE mint and orange colors are perfect for summer. So funny that you wrote the disclaimer ~ in case you misspoke about a car. I wouldn't know even if you had!


  7. I love muscle cars! Lovely post with the different color nail polishes that matches the cars ;)


  8. What a fun post! I love how you matched these up. I'm totally coveting Essie's Mint Candy Apple. So pretty!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. great post, love the comparison of the nail polishes and the cars :)

    But what color do I wear when I'm riding in the R8???

  11. This post is fun! You sure have found a perfect match for each car :)

  12. This is the most fun post!! Love the concept, integrating a man's world with our girly one :) Brilliant!
    There is nothing quite like the Essie Mint Candy Apple and the Orange one is fab as well.

  13. I am loving the Essie colors but I have to admit I'm not too crazy about the houndstooth! Maybe it will grow on me. I hope you all will link up for my summer fashion series!

  14. Wow! You did incredible at matching nail to car!! So much fun...that OPI midnight blue would match my ride :)

  15. This is such a great post. Love how the nail polish matches the cars.

  16. i think you two pretty much nailed the color with the cars and i especially loved that you included the interior of one of the cars.

  17. I LOVE THIS POST! So fun :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  18. Very cool idea! This would be a fun post to do with so many things! Maybe home decor too? Love it :)

  19. Oh my gosh - hysterical!! You matched the colors perfectly. I should do this with my husband's obesion with guitars ;)

  20. whatta great idea you guys have going on... satisfying to the male AND female reader!!

    my fave is the very first color.. the MINT!! loveeeeeee ;)

    I'm hosting my 1st giveaway today to say THANK YOU! lalalovelearnandlaugh.blogspot.com


  21. What a great post! My favorite is Essie's Mint Candy Applie :)

  22. This is such a cool post!
    Love the minty green and the blue one :)
    Jazz xx

  23. What a great idea for a post! I loved it!



  24. I like what you did here! :) Now I won't dread going to the next car show with my husband!
    I have the magnetic one, it's crazy!

  25. OOh, adorable ! :D I esp. love the mint, and 3rd colour ^^

    Indie by heart

  26. As an avid car fanatic, and lover of UK's Top Gear, this has got to be one of y'all's best series. I am head over heels! Such a fun post!

  27. Jayme! This is such an adorable idea for a post and I can't belive you found the exact matches to these car colors and even throwing in the salon perfect was really cool too! I totally agree why you thought of this seeing the MINT car, I actually saw mint mustang from the 60's the other day and wanted it so bad just to match my spring outfits LOL, eventhough that won't be happening

    Such a cute post!

  28. So funny, great idea.

    From Paris with love!
    Kristina recently posted.. Yes, I do mon amour!.

  29. Brilliant idea! I actually had a small bottle of paint made to match the color of my Ford Edge so I could do some touch ups on it. The auto body painter told me that I could use the paint on my nails so I could match my car. Hah!

  30. Too cool! Perfect matches :)

  31. Loved this!! My husband is fixing on a muscle car now. Maybe I should've shown him my nail polish arsenal to help him choose a paint color.

  32. Last time we went to a car show I thought this very thing! Just another reason that I love vintage cars ;) My hubby has a '71 Monte Carlo in "Essence Underwater". Haha.

  33. Such a fun blog post! I too love the Mint Candy Apple. That color is getting so popular lately and perfect for summer!

  34. aaah this is such a cute polish post!!
    love the classic cars!!


  35. How freaking creative and cute is this blog post! I'm digging the color club and piggy polish because they are new to me. I have to step my game up! You posted this color club brand before. I'm all over it now! Lol!

  36. Love this post! Great colours!

  37. Love this post, great colours!

  38. This was such a cute post!! I want all these colors!!


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