Monday, July 2, 2012

Jayme's June Photos: Days 16-30

It's my turn again! Here are days 16-30 of the June Photo-a-Day challenge from Fat Mum Slim. If you missed Mendi's photos covering days 1-15 of this month, then click here. We are really enjoying these challenges and I'm getting better as I only missed one day this time. Hope you enjoy a look into my June!!

Day 16 -- Out and About
A day at Stony Point Fashion Park with my mom before it got to be 100 degrees!

Day 17 -- In Your Bag
I just love t-shirts from Target! They had these on sale so I stocked up!

Day 18 -- Something We Don't Know About You
No, I don't eat Frosty Paws, but this is the only kind of ice cream that I usually buy because I don't really like ice cream. There, I've said it. I hope you guys still like me. I only crave a milkshake about once a year. I'm basically not human.

Day 19 -- Imperfect
A dirty secret...sometimes I let my nails go. And sometimes I pick at my cuticles. EW!

Day 20 -- Fave Photo You've Ever Taken
This might not be my most favorite of all time but it was my favorite of the day. This is an old church in downtown Richmond that I think is being converted into condos. Pretty pic though!

Day 21 -- Where You Slept
This is a glimpse into our bedroom. This picture of NYC (gotta love IKEA) hangs over our bed and you see a little bit of the headboard that my wonderful husband made for us a couple of years ago. Just love it!

Day 22 -- From A High Angle
OK, not the highest angle but I was standing over her while taking this picture so that has to count. My cute little piggy!

Day 23 -- Movement
Sorry, I failed on this one!

Day 24 -- On Your Mind
This was the day of our "Girl's Night Out" event with our local Sephora at Regency Square Mall. Obviously this was on my mind all day! It was such a great night! Haul video still to come...we promise!

Day 25 -- Something Cute
Got some "Terrier Twists" for my babies from the awesome Three Dog Bakery located at Stony Point Fashion Park. If you are from the area then you have to take your fur babies to this bakery or at least stop in and get some treats to take home. My babies love these twists!!

Day 26 -- Where You Shop
Just got an order of protein powder from The Vitamin Shoppe! Yay for morning shakes! 

Day 27 -- Bathroom & Day 28 -- On The Shelf
Is it cheating to combine days?? This is a quick look at what sits on a shelf in my bathroom cabinet. Everything shown is currently being used. And if you haven't tried the Suave Dry Shampoo then you need to!

Day 29 -- Soft
My fluffy blanket ("It's so fluffy!") is so soft and so is Jade. She has the softest fur under her neck onto her belly. I just love her. Her birthday is July 4th!

Day 30 -- A Friend
Now I kind of cheated on this photo because I actually took it on 6/25 while at a neighborhood restaurant/bar because we had a major storm come through and we lost electricity. So I was with my husband and my "friend" for the evening. I call her Miss P as in Miss Pinot Grigio. She helped me through!

That does it for the month of June! We will be back this month with the usual splitting up of the days. And this time some of my days will be while I'm in the Dominican Republic! Hope I get some good pics!  Let us know if you're getting down with Fat Mum Slim's June Photo-a-Day challenge. 



  1. These are all great photos! And there is no shame in combining days - very clever! :P

  2. What's your instagram user name? I don't think I'm following you!

  3. I'm not a huge ice cream person either! I have to really be craving it.

    And you pup is CUTE! Looks like mine. What kind is it?

    Do I not follow you ladies on IG? I thought I did. But I can't find your IG names :(

  4. great photos! Have fun in Dom, can't wait to see some vacation photos! :)

  5. I WISH I didn't crave ice cream as often as I do! Actually, I haven't craved it all since getting pregnant. But other than that? I could've eaten it like every other day. My husband RUINED me!

  6. Hi's me, still lurking but a little more silent than usual. Loved this post and I've been thinking about
    you girls in this heat. I'm guessing that is the idea behind the doggie ice cream, hope all is well!

  7. I dream of Sephora. All day all night. Then i wake up and realize I don't live there.

  8. Love all the doggy treats! I made some homemade frosty paws for my pups and they were in doggy heaven!! I just started this month doing the photo of the day. Hope I can keep up!

  9. I really need to do these picture a day things! Love all the tees from target and the nails!

  10. Hahaha, "Miss P" is one of my BFF's too :) I LOL'ed at the Frosty Paws...hahaha!! I still like you, don't worry ;) We share the same "dirty little secret"...once my polish starts to chip, it's all downhill...I just pick and pick at the polish until it's all off. I've broken a nail before doing that :( LOL!!

  11. LOVE the Suave dry shampoo!
    That stuff is a lifesaver for me!

    And I also am mutual friends with Miss P ;)


  12. This is such a lovely idea for a post, and great pics!
    Thank you for your comment girls, you just got one more follower!:)

  13. So fun! I wish I could get motivated and try one of these picture a day posts! I love the soft picture of the puppy! It made me giggle! LOL xoxo

  14. if we had a real CG in our lives, he'd pay for someone to pick your cuticles for you. every. freaking. day.

    missed you girls!

  15. You don't like ice cream?! O man girl. Ooo man! I am obsessed!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  16. i cant get over this idea!
    i love the idea of sharing your photos :)
    totally borrowing the idea hehe :)

    super cute!

    Happy Tuesday!

  17. I really need to link up with these photo a day challenges! I love the little peek they give us into your every day lives! Your puppies look so cuddle-able!

  18. Jayme; love all of your photos of the month... I don't think its cheating putting 2 days into on photo, expectantly if its related to one another :p Also I have Sephora on my mind as well (Day & Night)

  19. Fun pics!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

    Stop by soon, new outfit post already published!

    / L from sweden

  20. Nice pictures! I love the idea too. :)

    Heel in Mint

  21. What fun pictures! I have always wanted to do one of these photo challenges, but I usually forget. Fail. I had fun stalking your pictures, though.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  22. I really Love posts like these. It is nice to take a small peek into a bloggers life.

  23. I love this post, the way you added the photos is so unique and made me realize I need to go to Victoria's Secret and sephora soon. hehe


  24. Your doggies are too adorable.

  25. Absolutely jealous! I try and start the photo challenge but usually only make the first week or so. Love your pictures.



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