Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mendi's July Photos: Days 1-15

Here we go...another half a month down and it's time for me to catch you guys up on what I've been up to for the past couple of weeks! Be forewarned, I was all over the place this month and had days where the heat must've fried my brain because I completely missed snapping pics. It's my birthday month, so I think I get a free pass. Next month I'll have no excuse.

day 1 -- self portrait
If y'all saw my hair when I first wake up in the morning (before it sees a flat iron), then you'd know that Disney used my likeness for this character. Fo' sho. 

day 2 -- busy
This is what I like to call a cluster. It's where I can be found during business hours Monday-Friday.

day 3 -- best part of your day
Eating. Anything. This girl loves food.

day 4 -- fun
Obvi I didn't take a picture. PHOTO FAIL.
I don't even remember what we did on the 4th of July. Is that sad?!? I'm pretty sure I slept on and off until around 1pm (because that's a perfectly good way to spend a Wednesday off, if you ask me) and then went to dinner with the hubz. We saw fireworks during Memorial Day weekend, so that wasn't real high on the priority list for the 4th. Plus, I'm pretty sure it was like 102 degrees outside.

day 5 -- on the floor
Keeping my MK's planted safely on the ground. And that's my new maxi skirt from Target. God bless maxi skirts. I think I'm in love.

day 6 -- chair
I got nothin'. HUGE FAIL. I apparently have no interesting chairs in my life.

day 7 -- garden
Are these not the cutest little strawberries you've ever seen?!? They're from our "garden"...aka: our one lonely strawberry plant. We can't say that we get much enjoyment from it, but it's keeping the squirrels in our backyard nice and fat.

day 8 -- lunch
Leftovers of Salt & Pepper Prawns from PF Chang's. I die. So delish. Ever had it?? You need to.

day 9 -- big
I. Like. Big. Bags. And I can not lie.

day 10 -- your favorite color
Anything neon. Has anyone tried these new Revlon polishes? The white color is to be used as your base coat to make the yellow color "pop" even more. I can't wait to try it.

day 11 -- letter
I don't even remember this day taking place. NEXT...

day 12 -- texture
necklace: Forever21; shirt: Target; split ends: mine

day 13 -- open
As in OPEN my big ol' mouf and stuff it with a Firehouse sub. Our go to post-workout meal on Friday nights. Carb reload.

day 14 -- building
We spent the afternoon over at my parent's house hanging out with them and my nephews who are here visiting from North Carolina for the rest of the month. This is the house that I grew up in. So many amazing memories within those walls.

day 15 -- finger
Or fingers if you will. This polish is China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy. It's about 135% brighter in real life. Like put-your-eyes-out bright. Love.

OK, so that concludes my July Photo-a-Day snapshots...hope you guys enjoyed the randomness! Jayme is sunning it up on a beach in the Dominican right now (I won't call her bad names here on the blog, but rest assured that I'm doing plenty of that under my breath...kidding...not really...love you, J). Let's hope that somewhere between drinking pina coladas and reapplying sunscreen that she's remembering to snap her July Photo-a-Day pics for the second half of the month. ;-)

What has the first half of your July looked like?? Do tell.



  1. These pictures are all so cute! This is such a fun thing to do. I love the self-portrait, and those little strawberries are adorable! :)

  2. I haven't really been keeping up with my photo-a-day themes, but yours are making me SO hungry!

  3. That J Crew Boardwalk Tote is lovely!=)


  4. oooh i need to try out that china glaze nail polish! is a hot orange?

    xo SideSmile,

  5. i enjoy browsing these photo-a-day posts. Love the self portrait! Lol. Great selection of pics and you certainly didn't fail on the ones you didn't take, sometimes there really aren't any great chairs or a letter of inspiration around. The house is so beautiful!

  6. this was such a fun post! those strawberries are just the cutest! and oh gosh, i love the salt and pepper prawns from p.f. chang's, and now i want some, haha! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  7. ok i need to check out that china glaze color it looks fabulous on you! and those teeny tiny strawberries are adorable

  8. I love those little strawberries....how cute are they?!
    And Firehouse = DELICIOUS!

    Great shots!

  9. I love all these photos. My Flip Flop Fantasy is so streaky do you have the same problem with yours?

  10. I always keep wanting to do one of these sets but never make it past the first day! lol

  11. I would have never guessed that your hair is curly, it always looks so silky and straight.
    Those strawberries look yummy!
    And I am loving those cute sandals.

  12. I LOVE these picture a day posts! So much fun to see people's creativity! Stacie xo

  13. It's my birthday month too, I celebrated mine yesterday! And I'm with your Mendi - I like big bags too. I just reviewed one on my blog. I love them but then they get too heavy and my shoulder gets sore and then I need to go have a massage...wait, why am I complaining?! xoxoxo

  14. The nail polish and your nails are fabulous! Love your photos!

  15. looking bright! and those small strawberries are just so teeny tiny!! wowza!

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  16. I didn't know that firehouse subs were popular in your area too! I have yet to try it but I've heard so many rave!

  17. Great photos! The first half of my July has definitely been HOT. I love summer, but the 100-plus temps here in DC have actually made me wish it was fall a couple times!

  18. Your self-portrait made me laugh out loud! hehehe, too cute! I'm loving that necklace, so pretty :) Great pictures all around!

  19. get it, girl. i don't even think i'd remember to take that many photos. my poor camera has had very little use since the birth of instagram... you're rockin' : )

  20. Love the new Revlon polishes... I been using the quite a bit in my "nail art Tuesdays"

    I do have a frist impressions blog post on them when I first got them.


  21. Love all the pictures and the writing. I love July born people so it's a good thing to know :)

    Heel in Mint

  22. Why do I always miss your photos?! Sadness!! (In my defense - I was out of town that week with only my work computer, and I'm not gutsy enough at this point to be on blogger at work!!)

    First off I absolutely love that nail polish on you - looks lovely! I LOL'ed when I saw your "self-portrait"!! I love that you showed us the house you grew up in...it's amazing. Thanks for sharing about that Revlon nail polish - mostly because now I think I need to try using white as a base coat for my bright polishes!!


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