Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jayme's July Photos: Days 16-31

I'm pretty sure that I can't top Mendi's self portrait from her July Photo-a-Day as seen here, but I can certainly try! This month was really fun for me because days 16-21 were all taken while I was away on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Hope you enjoy!!

day 16 -- sign
This was the "Do Not Disturb" sign at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana. Words from The King!

day 17 -- your addiction
Giant jacuzzi tub, LUSH bubble bars and Coca Cola light...does it get any better??

day 18 -- plate
Nachos by the pool. Seriously, I rarely eat nachos but while on vacay I ate them EVERY SINGLE DAY!

day 19 -- animal/insect/pet
Our sweet room attendant left us this bird/snake he created with a bath towel and hibiscus leaves. We got this twice while we were there. So pretty that I had to take a picture of it and not the giant bugs we found in our room a couple of times!

day 20 -- eyes
Wes's tired eyes. Poor baby!

day 21 -- 9 o'clock
This was taken in the airport in Philadelphia. Our flight home to Richmond was at 9:10 pm so I thought that would work as my photo.

day 22 -- upside down
Wes said that this wasn't a very creative photo. But this box of crackers was actually just chilling upside down on the counter so at least it was a true photo even if it is boring. BTW, I love these crackers either by themselves or with some hummus.

day 23 -- mirror
Just a quick snap of one of my current favorite palettes (Smashbox Shades of Fame). I took the plastic off of this mirror just to snap this photo. :-)

day 24 -- stranger

day 25 -- heart
I am someone who likes pictures, etc on my fridge. This is one photo with two magnets that I totally "heart". I think this was the only time they have ever shared a dog bed. :-)

day 26 -- sunshine
Totally missed snapping a picture of the sunshine so this is me improvising. At least it's a sun.

day 27 -- on the road

day 28 -- cup
Classy or not, it's the perfect cup for my morning protein shake. And the black and yellow are VCU colors so we're supporting our local college.

day 29 -- last thing you bought
Groceries! Specifically a mess load of fruit! This pineapple has been so good!

day 30 -- calm
One of my pieces of wall art in my kitchen. Just a reminder to relax.

day 31 -- toothbrush
His and hers toothbrushes...how gross romantic. I promise that they are not touching in this photo.

Hope you enjoyed our last installment of the July Photo-a-Day challenge. Let us know if you have been participating too! And now on to August, which is one of the best months ever. Why you ask? It's my birthday month!! :-)



  1. Okay, where were you at with the Coke Light? Mexico??? I drink enough of these to know that it's Diet in the US! Hahaha!!

  2. Okay now this is just too cute! Those his & her toothbrushes gave me a good laugh. I love seeing these photos from both of you each month!

  3. That towel bird is so cool! Haha, I was thinking that with the toothbrushes, I'm glad they weren't touching.

  4. That do not disturb sign is so cute! And how awesome is that towel art? :D

  5. Mmmmm ... Nachos. I love nachos.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. The vacation photos are sweet. Day 17 is the life for sure!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. I didn't know they had Coca Cola light! Love the bird towel art thing too. Hope you ladies are doing well! Heather

  8. Great list of pictures, the ones form your holiday are lovely, the jacuzzi looks so good! Cute sign and pic and nice improv on the sunshine theme. Haha the tale of the toothbrushes is too funny and sweet!

  9. so fun!!! i never each nachos either, but on vaca?! FAVORITE!! :)

  10. Too cool! Happy birthday month (:

  11. Great pics! Love that do not disturb sign and now I feel like I need to soak on a hot Jacuzzi!

    Glad you guys had a nice time,

  12. great pictures. Look like you had a good vacation.

  13. So jealous of your vacay!! I'm kind of dying over here re the Coke Light - I'm guessing this was taken on your vacay? Those nachos look delicious! And your pit bull/boxer picture melted my heart! I will forever be an advocate of pits!!

  14. lovely photos dear, love it! that dish of nachos looks delicious, and lovely shades! <3 xx

    Letters To Juliet

  15. Nope it doesn't get any better! And nachos every single day? Y-U-M!!

  16. those nachos just made me so hungry :)

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  17. Haha soooo. I think my husband's and my toothbrushes touch when in their holder. Are we gross?! I never thought twice about it until this post. O man!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  18. We love photo a day! Great pictures.

  19. Dominican Republic?!?! Shut up!!! I love the swan! They made us a few of those while we were in Maui, but instead of hibiscuses we had orchids! So lovely to come home to, right!?!

    Did the Coca Cola light taste just like Diet???

    Lovely pics girlie!

  20. these are wonderful- and obvi. nachos every day are the best ;) just wanted to say super cute blog! you should check out the giveaway im having over at my blog! it ends friday! xo

  21. Great pics! Looks like a blast in the DR! (I love DR, I've been too many times to count) - fabulous round up of photos, you did well :)

  22. Love the new Smashbox Palette too! Great photos and great way of blogging about them!
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  23. beautiful pictures :) love that towel bird - so cute!


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