Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jayme's Packing for VACATION!

After I filmed this video I felt like I was all over the place, so when I went home I decided to reorganize a bit. I did decide to pare down what I was taking to some degree. For example, I'm not taking 3 separate highlighters, but I am taking 15 lip products! What can I say...I'm a blogger that loves her beauty products!!

Thanks to Mendi, I remembered that we both had gotten a really nice Dior makeup bag when we attended their event last February (click here to see). I just love my PINK makeup bag (shown in vid) but think it's best for weekend travel and not for airplane travel. Everything moved around too much.

Here's what I ended up with:

Thanks for sticking with me. This is my first "travel" video/post and I'm a self-admitted over-packer. :-) I have issues. Mendi will be doing this same type of video/post in the early fall when she goes on vacation and hers is sure to be less of a hot mess than mine! :-) Let me know what you think of my first attempt!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend! I'm off to the land of tropical weather and swim-up pool bars! We have a full week's worth of posts to bring to you guys while I'm away & of course, Mendi will be here holding it down!



  1. Love this and GREAT idea to carry on your essentials {that all girls need} :)

    So.. on the way back from Europe.. Delta air LOST my luggage. It JUST recovered yesterday at 3:00 a.m., 4 days after our return. Make sure you put your name on the outside AND inside of your suit case {especially} when you fly internationally.

    As for what to pack.. I love all your goodies!! I agree, we are girls and need to have options because if you don't look pretty on vacation then you will not want to take photos, right?

    Safe travels and have a great time!


  2. What a great toiletries travel case. Where is it from?

  3. No way! You are hilarious!! I pack the bare minimum in beauty and makeup products when I travel. Have a FUN vacation!!! I want to see a follow up post on the products that you packed and did or did not use... Stacie xo

  4. Ha! I don't feel so bad after looking at what all you're taking, lol. I'm always afraid I'll be without something I really want. I see some products that I use and love as well. Have fun!

  5. totally using this as a guide the next time I go on a trip! I always bring a million beauty and skin care products, but I use all of them! #beautyaddictproblems

    xo SideSmile,


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  6. thanks for showing us!!!!
    I'd definitely pack the MAC MSFs and NARS blushes too...

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    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom

  7. I am showing these pictures to my husband. He thinks I overpacked for Hawaii and I only took 2 blushes and 1 bronzer (and 653796 lip products!)
    I did laugh at the sunscreen you packed. I did buy a oil free sunscreen but I like to bake a little ( not burn)
    I am going to pay in wrinkles but I had the best, longest tan ever after Hawaii ( even with 30 SPF every day.
    Have a wonderful, relaxing time and take photographs so we can drool and wish we were there!

  8. have fun on vacation! I am an extreme overpacker!!

  9. Wow you are so organized! I love to travel but HATE packing for travel. I always end up stressed out and then just start throwing stuff where ever to just get done haha...enjoy your vacay!

  10. wow...I adore you for being orginized! my friends always make fun of me whenever we travel coz I almost bring everything:)

    Thank you for this tips! great one!

  11. WOW! Jayme how are you going to fit everything in your suitcase??!!! I hope you have a great holiday and hopefully you will update us on what products you used and which ones you didn't.....I say this because I travel regularly for work and I used to pack lots of skincare and makeup but now I travel with minimal beauty bags. Why? More room to buy beauty items at my destination!!

    Thanks for sharing! Keep the videos and blog posts coming!

  12. It's okay. I used to be a total overpacker too. But then I had a baby, and forgot to pack for myself.

    Beauty, Fashion and Seattle

  13. dang are going to be VERY prepared in the beauty and skin department!! haha...I LOVE that you're taking 15 lip products with you!! many options!!
    and yes...can not travel without hand sanitizer!!
    I need to get a cute bag like your 'lovepink' one!

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  14. Must be organized in order to pack the right way & with enough space :) Looks like you had it down pat! Have a safe trip!!

  15. Holy cow! That is a LOT of stuff. Haha. I have gotten packing down to a science, so I ONLY take what I can carry on to the plane. Even for a two week trip, I fit everything in a carry on. I plan on blogging about it soon, actually ;)

  16. great selection! You definitely have a product for every possible occasion! :) Have an amazing trip, can't wait to hear about it!

  17. Oh my goodness, Jayme! That's quite a loot to be taking. But I hear you, you just never know. I'm quite minimalist. I have a little box (in general not for travel) and all my make up including polishes need to fit in there. And if I buy something new something else has to go. And I'm religious about throwing stuff out according to how long the products last. So I tend to have a lot less to take. But this video was soo super cute! You're so gorgeous! xoxox

  18. Gah! WAAAAAY too many fun things in this post! I am totally loving the polish - so many fun colors. Glad I have my "real" nails back so I can start painting them fun colors. Hope you had a fab weekend!

  19. haha omg Jayme have a blast but WOW that is a lot of product. I could not get away with packing that much and travelling - I would worry too much about anything getting messed up - whether checked or not! I know you love your products and you are a beauty product person!!

  20. Holy hell! My hubby will totally be seeing these photos so he cannot say anything about my packing because I take one makeup bag with makeup and another bag (about gallon size) with liquid hair products. But I do hate to have you pack more... I always take a disinfecting spray to use on the hotel's door handles, phone, remote, toilet and bathroom sinks. It just feels better to spray a second time.

    Enjoy your trip!

  21. Ohhhh my goodness girl. That is A LOT of beauty products! Haha! And I love the, "what I am making my husband pack" photo. I would do the same thing. Have fun on your trip!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  22. You sound exactly like me when it comes to packing. I definitely take WAYYY more than is ever needed. But hey, it's better to have way too much than not enough, right!?


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