Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beauty Battle - "So Not Gelling"

As we've mentioned in past Beauty Battles, the purpose of these videos is for each of us to try out the same product, then keep our opinions to ourselves until we can share our thoughts with each other while the camera is rolling.  This Beauty Battle features the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Manicure...


First of all, a big thank you goes out to one of our fellow bloggers, CottonCandyINK, for suggesting this Beauty Battle (check out her blog here).  We love hearing all of your suggestions, so PLEASE keep them coming!  

What can we say?!?  We had really high hopes for this product, but as much as we love all things nail polish related, this system was a complete FAIL for us.  If you've tried the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect, let us know your thoughts.  We're also curious to know if there's a better at-home gel nail system that is less complicated, so drop us a comment if you've found one that you like!

Thanks so much for watching!


  1. I read another review of this product previously and they said the same thing. Shame. :\

  2. great review!thanks for mentioning me!! i have never done the gel nails at home only in salon and the process is tedious and i hated taking it off at home. i hate gel nails..

    and a good tip for making polish last a little longer is to use the orly bonder base and top coat sold at sally beauty supply. and if you wash dishes by hand use rubber gloves to save your polishes ;-)

  3. i'm to dumb to do it myself, :P but i love watching your movies <3

  4. awww man!
    what a disappointment!

    thanks for the review love
    ill definitely not be trying this product!

    happy thanksgiving

  5. How disappointing! I was really hoping this product would work, but I guess it did sound too god to be true.


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