Friday, November 18, 2011

POTM...November Edition

As you know we started our Polish Of The Month post back in August as seen here and we have really enjoyed picking a special polish every month since we love nail polish.  This month it just so happens that both of us picked a polish from OPI's recent Muppets Collection...

November Polish Of The Month

Jayme's Pick - OPI's Designer...De Better 
This metallic foil is actually really hard to describe because it's unlike any polish that I've seen. Depending on the light it looks like a light silver base or a light champagne base and has gorgeous flecks of copper (or bronze or red also depending on the lighting). But it applies easily and is absolutely stunning on your nails. Perfect for this time of year!

Mendi's Pick - OPI's Pepe's Purple Passion

This color really looks more like a deep red to me than a purple, but Pepe's Red Passion just doesn't have a "ring" to it.  Regardless, I love this deep hue with a hint of shimmer.  I will say that this polish has an oddly bumpy texture that I haven't typically experienced with other OPI polishes.  Even with a topcoat of Seche Vite, the texture remained the same, but it hasn't stopped me from loving it!

Are there any particular polishes that you were loving this month??  Drop us a comment to let us know.


  1. oh my god you guys gotta try
    the forever21 nail polish! they are like 2 bucks
    and they are really easy to apply and they
    last for like a whole week! Remember this post:

    it's the first time i bought one
    and i am in love with it .. i am definitely
    buying some more!

    have a great weekend ladies!


  2. both lovely shades, I'm currently wearing a gold polish ;-)

  3. Thanks for the comment on our blog:) Loving both of those! The silver is perfect for holiday parties and the maroon is gorgeous for everyday to add a little spice to a comfy sweater.

  4. They both look great!
    I've been loving China Glaze's Skyscraper this month. It's so pretty, but it sadly chips terribly...

  5. I love both, but purple passion is definitely my favourite! So perfect for fall!

  6. Great November picks! For me, it was Butter London's Come to Bed Red. =D

  7. Love both of them! I've been obsessed with Zoya's Blair & Edyta since the beginning of fall :)

  8. oh my gosh...totally adore both!! such GREAT holiday hues!


  9. yay love them both! thanks for sharing hun! mmuaah!

  10. I love them both but my favorite is the metallic one!!!

    <3 Marina

  11. The both look awesome but my favotite one is thr 2nd one!

  12. Love Designer...De Better got the Muppettes Mini Collection and that's the one I've been using the most!! xxx

  13. I love both picks--they're so fun and dramatic! I need to dress up my boring, unpolished nails!

  14. Both are pretty but I like the first one De Better...see what I did there ;)

  15. Love them both and need them in my nail polish collection immediately :) They look gorgeous!
    Hope you had an amazing weekend!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Style in the City

  16. @ Ivana - Thanks so much! We really do have an addiction to nail polish!

    @ Tracy D - You are too funny!

    @ Shea - Both are beautiful colors for this time of year so hope you get to painting!

    @ LauraMcK - Mendi got the mini collection and has been loving it too!

    @ yiqin - OPI has had some awesome collections recently!

  17. @ Mad For Fashion - It's a beautiful shade!

    @ Marina - We have a soft spot for metallics!:-)

    @ Diane - Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    @ soldoutforever - We do too! We have a serious obsession with all polishes though! :-)

    @ Amanda - They are and we really can't believe that the holidays are here already!

  18. @ Amy - Thanks!

    @ Appu - Just bought Edyta this weekend! ~ Jayme

    @ Harshleen - Thanks! It is beautiful!

    @ Shop N Chomp - Oh that's a great one too! We love Butter!

    @ inmyhansonshirt - Yes, that is a great color!

    @ Sandra - That's a beautiful color too! Shame is chipping!

    @ CottonCandyINK - We love gold polishes!!

    @ Melu103 - Thanks for the rec! We will be on the lookout the next time we are in F21. Thanks!!

  19. aaah! we are selling all of the muppets collections in my salon and they are going like crazy! plus all of the girls (and i of course) are wearing muppets colors (like better) on our fingers now :)love it!

    sharde @ the style projects

  20. I used the metallic polish for January, now I have white nails:-)



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