Monday, April 16, 2012

Rainbow TAG & Spring Sips and Styles Day 4

Hope you all had a great weekend!! We are back today with a fun video that we were tagged to do by Arielle from Beauty by Arielle. This TAG was started so that you would take a look at your beauty products and see if you had something that would match the colors of the rainbow which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. We had fun with this video, so we hope you enjoy!

Also, we are pleased to introduce you to Meg from Henning Love (a lot of you probably already know Meg) who has contributed to Day 4 of the Spring Sips and Styles blog hop. She put together an awesome post on colored and printed denim and wrapped it up with how to make a fabulous gin and tonic. Be sure to follow all six blogs so you can enter to win a pair of fabulous Tory Burch flip flops courtesy of our friend Shannon at Wine Taste Girl.  We are excited, because our post is coming up on Wednesday and we will be talking spring shoes and super easy margaritas.

April 9th- Savvy Spice- Color Blocking and Watermelon Margaritas
April 11th- A La Mode Maven- Nautical Trends and Mojitos
April 13th- Chateau A Gogo- Statement Necklaces and Strawberry Basil Sangrias
April 16th- Henning Love- Printed Denim and Gin and Tonics
April 18th- Her Late Night Cravings- Spring Shoes and Margaritas
April 20th- Wine Taste Girl- Pastels and Champagne Cocktails

Enter to win starting April 9th!

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  1. Gold is not yellow! Haha. Great job guys :) I really like that blue eye shadow.

  2. "gold packaging... gold product"! loved that.

  3. i know i'd have something for every color!

  4. Great really got me to think creatively about colour. You both faired really well - orange and yellow are really tough make-up colours to find, so packaging is definitely the best bet. I need to sift throughout my make-up box to see if I meet the rainbow coloured target.

  5. You two always do great videos! Definitely a great post as I am hitting the bobbi brown friends and family sale shortly...

  6. Mendi, thanks for the Essie polish rec! I heart red polish. :D And Jayme, love the new 'do!!

  7. This is such a nice video, I love your blog!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  8. Great tip on using baby shampoo on cleaning make up brushes.

  9. Most of us forget to wash out our make up brushes and that so important {one of the first things I talk about with patients .. especially those with acne} Baby shampoo is a wonderful idea.

    I'm a huge essie fan and I love those TB flip flops!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments :) Not sure why my computer omitted some of my photos! Airports and hotel - not always the best connections I guess.

    Hope you are having a nice week so far.



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