Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jayme's March Photo's - Days 16-31

As most of you know this has been our first month participating in the Photo A Day challenge created by Fat Mum Slim.  Mendi took the first half of the month and showed her awesome photos here. So now it's my turn and I sure hope that I lived up to Mendi's snapshots. I will admit that it was hard for me to remember to take a picture every day so you will see just a couple of empty spots. If we do this next month I promise to get a handle on my procrastination. Hope you enjoy a glimpse of my life over the past two weeks...

Day 16 - Sunglasses
An awesome outlet find!

Day 17 - Green
Just some flowers blooming in my back yard. They are pretty for now. You never know when one of my three dogs will decide to do a drive-by.

Day 18 - A Corner of Your Home

This is a picture from my BFF Erin that she took and gave me awhile ago and it hangs near a corner in my living room. Anyone know what this is? It's the breakwater in Provincetown, MA (Cape Cod). A very special place to me.

Day 19 - Funny

You how much I love P-Trique from The Platform. If you don't know "her" then go to their YouTube channel and check out P'Trique and see just how #totesamaze he is!

Day 20 - Before/After
Boo on me...I missed this one.

Day 21 - Delicious

Mozzarella Caprese Salad...yum!

Day 22 - Kitchen Sink

My black sink that I love and the cutting board that fits perfectly on top.

Day 23 - Moon
I suck. Didn't do this one either.

Day 24 - An Animal
This is a wild beast named Cooper. You may have met him here.  I can't say that he is the favorite fur-baby (of course no mom has a favorite, right??) He wanted to get on the couch and I was telling him no so he began trying to persuade me into changing my mind with his creepy serious stare. 

Day 25 - Breakfast
Sunday breakfast = Bloody Mary's!! Yes please! I love Bloody Mary's and could seriously have one of these every day but then that would mean that I have a serious problem. 

Day 26 - Key
A really good friend of mine is having a bridal shower soon and this is part of the wrapping that Pottery Barn does for you. Wes thanks PB because he usually gets stuck with the gift wrapping. Poor thing!

Day 27 - Your Name

Old nameplate...rated just 1 star? Excuse the fingerprints.

Day 28 - Trash
Some might say that my US Weekly mags are "trash or trashy". Well, I guess I must be a little trashy because I love reading about all the latest celeb news/gossip/disasters.  HAHA!

Day 29 - Feet

My husband Wes and my puppy Jade are my lovely feet (paw) models. I need to do my toes or you would have seen my feet. :-) Hope no one is grossed out by feet. He actually has nice man feet.

Day 30 - Toy

When you see this you are supposed to think "Oh her iPad is her toy." Unfortunately it looks like I"m showing you a photo of the blog.

Day - 31 - Where You Relax
Yes this is my bathtub complete with LUSH Phoenix Rising bath bomb. If you know me at all then you know that the bathtub is one of my favorite places. I read, watch YT videos, listen to music and watch TV on my iPad in my tub. It's my relaxation station. :-)

So there you have it...part of my life in photos from March 16th-31st. This was fun and something that we think we might do every other month or so. Let us know if you played along too so we can come and check out your photo challenge.

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!



  1. Yay I loved these and a glimpse into your life (not in a creepy way of course) . Relaxation station is too cute, although I'd be too paranoid to bring my computer into the tub. Love the pup, not offended by the toes and nothing wrong with a Bloody Mary for breakfast in my book!

  2. this blog is a good example of style and taste.

  3. great pictures. Your dog is too cute

  4. love all these pictures!!!
    that salad looks amazing and love pottery barn wrap.

  5. LOVE the pictures, Jayme! Cooper is precious... SO CUTE!
    And your green plant is so springy! Totally need that picture today because it is snowing... SNOWING in my neck of the woods :(

  6. Lovely photos.I really love Lush bath bombs! Baths are so awesome.

  7. great mix of photos!!! this is always such a fun post!


  8. The photo of feet & doggy fit are way too cute :)
    Bloody Mary..yum! Had one for the first time last night - delicious!!
    Happy almost Monday :) ox

  9. These are such great pictures! And US Weekly is the best trash there is! :)

  10. I'm all over that Bloody Mary! If you ever come to Savannah, you must let me take you to The Olde Pink House. They make the best Bloody Mary in the country!!!

  11. You did a great job!
    That bath looks FANTASTIC - I cannot wait to get my iPad so I can basically live in my tub ;)

    Love your pup, too!


  12. Loved looking through these pics and your event looks like such a great time


  13. Wow I must try that bath bomb now! Wonderful photos Jayme :)


  14. what a great blog!!
    I'm following you now - and I hope you can follow me too!


    hugs and kisses, theri

  15. These photos are really cute, my fav is the 'green' one. I always enjoy browsing through these photo challenges, it gives an interesting glimpse into a blogger's life.

  16. This post is so nice!

  17. I love caprese salads. I wish I was a bath person. I just can't sit still long enough to be one. Have a great week!

  18. Nice challenge, and you have taken great photos :) It's ok to miss some, hehe.

    - Indie by Heart

  19. Love a long hot bath with candles :) and your pup is too cute!

  20. Those are some fun pictures! I think the feet one is one of my fave's! Creative! xoxo A-

  21. So cool!Thanks for posting reminded me that I want to participate in this challenge this month! Perfect photos!

  22. I loved all of these! My favorite was the funny. Haha

  23. That's so great you did this! I'm loving the Pottery Barn wrapping and the dog pics. So fun! I hope you'll go check out my post today on my Girl's Night Out Wine Tasting!

  24. oh my gosh totes amaze haha love p'trique

  25. I know! Come visit Nashville sometime...

  26. photo challenges are always fun and interesting to do. :D

    Shoetopia Giveaway -- 3 winners. Come and join! :D
    10% off discount code to Vantage Point Vintage


  27. I love your pictures. The bathtub is one of my favorite places as well and I have to admit that I love US Weekly and my celebrity gossip. I am excellent with current pop culture.

  28. I am big on baths too! And I guess you can call me trashy as well b/c I am an US Weekly subscriber...haha! ;D

  29. great photos! love the ones with your dog in them :)

    andrea brionne

  30. I think the way you guys split everything is very very cute! Enjoyed this set too!

    Are you doing the April one?

  31. i love this story telling through pictures! it's so fun to see!!!

  32. Great collection of photos :) This looks like a fun little challenge!

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  33. Hmm that salad looks yummy and the bath super inviting!

  34. awww look at those paws! And here's to hoping they won't trample all over your backyard flowers- which look gorgeous btw! x

  35. Great pics!! I never get farther than day four! : (

    I really want to do this though!!

  36. I was so bad at taking daily pics that I abandoned it back in January lol! Great job! I'm off to check out that YouTube video. I need a good laugh :)

  37. Excellent pics! I love your bath, Cooper and the feet. I have an obsession with photographing feet...Good job, ladies, for doing these and sticking it out (unlike me, I'm a quitter!)!!!

  38. Great post. I love seeing these fun photo challenges!

  39. Nice photos, the Mozzarella Caprese Salad looks delicious!

  40. Your dog is so cute! I have a soft spot for Boxers, I had one growing up :) And my iPad is my toy too! -Jessica

  41. Ahhh I love all of your pictures!! I'm more of a mimosa than bloody mary girl, have you ever been to Galaxy Diner in Carytown? I've heard their bloody marys are epic...

    And I think you've inspired me to take a bubble bath tonight. I have some Eucalyptus Spearmint B&BW sea salts and suds calling my name...


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