Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jayme's "What's In My Bag" 2.0

It's been close to a year since we have shown you our original "What's In My Bag" videos, so we thought it would be the perfect time for an update. These types of videos are seen all over YouTube and we always find ourselves watching them...what can we say...we might be a little nosy.  :-)

We hope you enjoyed watching and stay tuned for Mendi's updated "What's In My Bag" video coming up in a few days.

Also, we wanted to share a fun new secret blogger swap party that we've decided to join! Our wonderful friend, Danielle from Framed Frosting is putting it all together. Just click on the button below to get more information. We'd love for some of our followers to get in on the action too!!


  1. I loved this video! I'm the same, I carry a little bag inside my bigger bag for when I'm at work and get up going to a cafe or lunch and don't want to cart around the bigger bag! I love the idea of your allocated "Lunch $" that's probably something I should do and maybe give my husband allocated "Coffee $" Can't wait to see what's in Mendi's bag!

  2. this is AWESOME!! I love that you included absolutely EVERYTHING in you bag Jayme!! the real deal!! can't wait to see what's in Mendi's bag!

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  3. Hi J & M, I love watching your videos, they are always so cute and professional! Perhaps we're all also a little bit nosy, (lol) wanting to see whats in yours and other blogger's bags as well. Like the bright scarf on your bag, its so great and roomy! It does fit a lot of goodies - You have all the essentials and luxuries in there!

  4. love your updated whats in your purse video.... I have to admitting it that I am also a junkie purse keeper as well... have you seen mine lately?!? but sadly I really need a new purse as my current one it to small and is falling apart :)

  5. This is such a great video. It is a tad bit weird that you have a purse in a purse. I have to keep my purse clean because we do bag checks at my work.

  6. Thanks for sharing :) and I love those wintergreen altoids too!


  7. I loveeeeeeeee your bag... how big it is, and the accent scarf... excuse me BABY scarf (genius idea!)... it adds some spunk and spring to it!

    LOL @ your endless receipt from CVS.... they ALWAYS print the longest receipts everrrrrr and it'd be for like one thing!

    And your whole second purse inside of your big purse... classic!! My SIL does the sameeee thing and I thought she was cray cray. But she explained why (same reason as you have), and I was like that's so smart... b/c there are times I just wanna take my wallet out and not carry the big bag inside of where ever I'm going... LOVE that idea!!

  8. he he he I'm totally the same. Small bag, Big bag. My husband thinks I'm nuts. I say I just like to be prepared! And it always seems to be worth it!

  9. I love these videos, I'm a bit nosy too :P Can't wait to see what's in Mendi's bag :)

  10. Fun!!! Love that you have a mini-bag inside the larger one, I should probably adopt that strategy! Excited to see what's in Mendi's bag!!


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