Monday, September 12, 2011

ELF Product Review

After hearing all of the hype on YouTube and reading about it on other blogs, we're so glad to finally be able to say that we've tried out some ELF cosmetic products.  They are a great value and we definitely plan to continue using what we bought.  Mendi has been pleased with the ELF makeup brushes for awhile now and we are excited to try out some other products soon.  We'd love to know some of your favorites from ELF, so please drop us a comment.

We wanted to thank our friend Hannah from Grace Lamb for recommending that we try out the ELF Makeup Setting Spray (we still plan to give it a go as soon as we can find it)!  She and her blogging partner, Danielle, also write The Beauty Forum.  You should definitely check it out!
Thanks for watching!!


  1. Loved this! Thanks SO much for the mention! I'm glad you tried ELF, I think they have some really great stuff.
    I find ELF has WAY more online vs in Target, so I wait for sales and free shipping to try some of the new stuff like the Setting spray.
    I have a few of the blushes and while they aren't NARS (I mean, what is?) I like them for trying new fun colors. I have the mauve and a few other ones!
    By the way, Danielle is a HUGE ELF fan and did a big brand review a while back:

  2. We both have used the brushes and lipgloss by ELF. We were disappointed With the eyelash curler though.

  3. You can find it online via their site, but I'd pass on it (the Setting Spray). I purchased it for use on my sister-in-law for her wedding, and it sprays way too much, too strong and douses your face if you aren't super careful. Plus, it didn't help keep her makeup in place - I think it's better used as a refreshing spray, rather than a setting spray. This is just my personal opinion. :)

  4. I save your vid's for the weekends and can't wait to hear your thoughts..I've done a few ELF posts and I have another haul I still have to write.

  5. I have both the ELF and the UD all nighter and I'd rather pay for the UD. The ELF just has this odor to it, and it's not something I want on my face. I can't even say if the ELF works because I washed my face immediately after.

    Definitely love the Studio blushes, mattifying powder, the contouring duo and the lipsticks from the Mineral line! The only brush I have is the fan brush and I like it fairly well!

  6. I love E.l.f products. I know they're not all great, but for that price, they're amazing. And thanks for reviewing the tinted moisturizer. I've been looking for reviews on that for some time and now I have one I can actually trust :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  7. @ Madeline - Yay! So glad we could help! It's sheer coverage but that's what we like.

    @ Mrs. WASP - Thanks you for your feedback! Good to know about the spray. Mendi has the UD and loves that!

    @ Tracy D - Can't wait to read your latest Elf post!

    @ NeutraKris - Thanks for the review on the setting spray. We do value your opinion!

    @ Style Journey - Seems like the brushes are popular

    @ Hannah - We will totally check out the website. And we are going to go and watch Miss Danielle's review. :-)

  8. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  9. HI Jayme and Mendi,
    I love Elf products. With the price they offer, I don't have much to complain on. I've used their foundation brush, total face brush and bronzing brush, tinted moisturizer, bronzer, concealer, cover sticks and a highliter. I must say that I like their brushes and tinted moisturizer. :)

  10. you should try the e.l.f. Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick. they are really pigmented and a different option to lipstick and gloss. I have bitter and cherry tarte. I also have the tickled pink blush-which is great for every day. I am going to go pick up some more eyeshadow brushes and an eye shadow quad from your review thanks!!1

  11. I really want to try the eyeshadow primer - since Urban Decay's is sooo expensive. great review!

  12. I loved this review. I'm complete begginer in make-up and sometimes I get comfuse about not just make-up, but even about brushs choice. Because in shops sales assistans sometimes are tend to sell more expensive than to offer something what is really good not just about price, but even just for begginer. I haven't seen ELF in Ireland, perhaps it doesn't sells in my surroundings, but I have discovered great and inexpensive make-up brand Catrice. I'm pleased about their lipsticks, nailpolishes and eyeshadows(which last from morning till evening without creasing even without eye shadow base).
    Thank You for this review and encourage not be discgraced choosing inexpensive make-up brands.

    xoxo Ra

  13. I've only tried a few products but only really like their eyelash curler. I'd love to try one of those brushes though!

  14. I have never heard of ELF... Oops! I guess it's about time to try some of their products ;-)

    Simply Elegant

  15. i've liked elf nail polish but often find some of their other stuff doesn't have very good pigment. i got some liquid eyeliner from them and didn't really like it. but that could just be that it was liquid eyeliner :) like you said, the brushes seem to be pretty good though.

  16. i'll definitely try them on!I always wanted to, now I am definitely more convinced!

  17. Amazing review girls!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE elf products and just did a video review on them also...LOL..have not posted yet because tons of editing still.

    Great job as always dolls.

    <3 Marina

  18. @ Mr. Lonely - Thanks so much for stopping by!

    @ Ayushma - The brushes seem to be the most popular items!

    @ RachelM132 - Thanks for the rec on the Luscious Liquid Lipstick! We like the sound of that!

    @ Jen - Go for it - at just $1 and I was really impressed with it!

    @ Ramona - So happy that you liked the review. This just goes to show that you can take care of yourself and be fabulous on any budget!

  19. @ Marina - Can't wait to see your video!!

    @ Francesca R - Yay! Well let us know when you do.

    @ Claire - We've heard that the liquid liner is not that great. The Sephora brand liquid liner if awesome and I think only about $8.

  20. @ Leonie - Let us know if you try some ELF!

    @ Shop N' Chomp - Cool - we will be on the lookout for that! Although Jayme is scared of eyelash curlers! :-)

  21. I really enjoy watching you guys! Make me smile:)
    I like quite a few ELF products and I have a lot!
    The Studio brushes and the larger eyeshadow palettes come to mind first. Good for the prices at least. Of course it's not great pigmentation but pretty darn good for a few dollars.


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