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One of our most favorite things to do here at Her Late Night Cravings is to compile a list of examples for you guys of some of our favorite trends for each season.  Thanks to the fine folks over at Piperlime who inspired us and provided their top 11 (not just 10!) must-have items for fall, today we're putting our own personal stamp of approval on the following:

Kenneth Cole New York Amethyst Duo Pendant Necklaces
Piperlime = $38.00
What HLNC says:  We love that this purchase is a 2-for-1...wear them together or alone.  And amethyst is such a gorgeous stone for fall.  A simple way to jazz up a casual outfit.

Ya Los Angeles Midi Length Dress
Piperlime = $59.00
What HLNC says:  No doubt, some girls will rock this trend, but we think this one is a toughie.  We like how the hemline on this dress is scooped, so that it's shorter on the sides.  Pair it with a little leather jacket and you have a great outfit for a night out.

Vince Camuto Braden Boot
Piperlime = $198.00
What HLNC says:  HOT!  HOT!  HOT!  We would buy these boots in a heartbeat!  From the rich taupe suede to the super high shaft height to the totally manageable 3" stacked heel, these boots are begging to be worn with leggings and an over-sized sweater.

Steve Madden Cirkus-S Platforms
Steve Madden = $169.95
What HLNC says:  Can you say Saturday Night Fever???  These 70's-style platforms are like a disco ball on your feet.  We'd SO wear these...just sayin'.

Tinley Road Ladylike Wool Cape
Piperlime = $89.00
What HLNC says:  We love this trend and are both itching to join the caped crusaders, but we're curious to see if we'll spot much of this trend happening here in Richmond, Virginia.  

J Brand Love Story Flare Jeans
Piperlime = $189.00
What HLNC says:  We totally approve of the super dark wash and the large cuff at the hem of these jeans.  If you're gonna go for a bellbottom jean, we say "go big or go home!"

Tulle Short Vintage Wool Jacket
Piperlime = $78.00
What HLNC says:  Spicy tones...we like the sound of that!!  This FAB wool coat screams "I'm ready for cooler temps, but I still want to be hot!"  What a great jacket to carry you from the bright colors of summer to the autumnal tones of fall! 

Heart Soul Kacia Boot
Piperlime = $79.00
What HLNC says:  We are 50/50 on this one.  If you're going to try this trend, we definitely recommend staying away from the light tan Timberland-style boots from back in the day.  So we think going with a darker color bootie for this style is the only way to go.  For example, this boot in hunter green with navy laces is a lot more fun and up to date!  

Remain Tie Neck Satin Blouse
Nordstrom = $88.00
What HLNC says:  To be honest we weren't completely sold on the tie-neck blouse trend until we saw this particular top.  This blouse had us at hello.  We adore the ultra feminine color (ballet pink) and its dainty bow mixed with the longer cut in the back.  Business in the front and party in the back!  It's the only appropriate way to sport a "mullet".

Jack by BB Dakota Janika Faux Fur Vest
Piperlime = $57.00
What HLNC says: So you already know how we feel about faux fur...CAN'T GET ENOUGH!  This is a super affordable way to join in the trend, so don't be scared to flaunt some fur and pop your collar.

Walker Park Tate
Kate Spade = $245.00
What HLNC says: When we think "lady like" we automatically think of Kate Spade.  Her brand alone is the epitome of "lady like" and femininity.  This bow handbag can be dressed up a bit with a suit or a dress and can easily transition to casual wear when paired with jeans, a crisp white shirt and some suede flats. 

We hope you enjoyed our take on these fall trends.  We are so excited to hear what you guys think?  Are there any that have you running to your favorite store or do you feel like there are some trends that are falling a little flat.  We'd love to hear from you!


  1. I agree! Great picks ladies! My favs 1,2,3,6,7 &9 Fall is just around the corner! Xo

  2. Oh.My.Goodness, I am loving the Tulle Short Vintage Wool Jacket from Piperlime!!!

  3. I like the boots from trend number 3!

  4. I love the platforms and the black dress! Fall is almost here!!

  5. fall 2011 trends are definitely eurochic!

  6. We agree with most except the ponchos and hiker boots! Love #7 jacket and color!

  7. I love ponchos! Wear them alot during the FAll and while still trying to carry it over to the Winter. Most of mine are lightweight.

  8. I love spice tones, dark jeans, AND capes. I agree that midi-length is hard to pull off... would definitely make me look short and stumpy.

  9. This is a Great post! I am Loving the midi skirts and dresses!

  10. NEED those steve madden glittery pumsps- and piperlime has such good prices holy moly



  11. Yhis year I am lucky...I am already equipeed with all of these trends!! Great!

  12. i'm so happy faux fur vests, platforms, chunky heeled boots and midi dresses are in!!! now i just need me a cape!!!


  13. i love that cape! unfortunately I am in spring, as I'm in Sydney, so its too warm to wear, but beautiful!


  14. amazing picks! all of these are my favorite fall trends as well.. now I only need fall to arrive, considering it's still summer in Croatia :)

    Happy Monday!


    Fashion Fractions

  15. @ Natalie - Thanks! Spring...that's right! You can save the cape for a few months. :-)

    @ Claire - We know...we need to go shopping!

    @ Raelene Ashley - We just love the rich Spicy tones too!

    @ Francesca R - Awesome! You are ahead of the curve! We are behind!

    @ Audrey Leighton - Jayme is lusting after the glittery platforms as well!

    @ Emma - Thanks! The length is a little hard for us since we are on the shorter side but it's a good look!

  16. @ The Blonde @ Stylish 3 - We might be a little too short for the midi length too!

    @ KnitPastis - Ponchos are awesome and we can't wait to buy one!

    @ Style Journey - We had a feeling that the hiker booties would not be on the list of faves!

    @ Hannah - Yes! Thanks for commenting!

    @ Gaby - Yes, we are so in love with the glitter platforms. You would totally rock those!

    @ Koltunovskaya - Those boots are too beautiful!

    @ Meg - That is on Mendi's list right now! She is in love!

    @ Xoxo - We are so ready for fall!! So happy you like our picks!

  17. Great list! I especially like the pendant necklaces and the black dress.

    Are you girls buying any of these items for this season? :-)

    First Fall Outfit… Velvet Details

  18. @ julia.a - It's the prettiest one we found in midi length so far!

    @ Leonie - Thanks! Well, Mendi really wants the Tulle jacket and Jayme wants the glitter platforms and a black faux fur vest!

  19. @ Neris - Ah summer in Croatia - We bet it's beautiful! OK, we are sending "fall" your way! :-)

  20. Yay to pendants, chunky boots and tie blouses!!

  21. I am so looking forward to wearing capes! I love almost all of these trends minus that fur one!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  22. i want to have them all :)

  23. @ Tracy D - We seriously need to win the lottery because we want all of these!!

    @ Shasie - No fur!! :-)

    @ soldoutforever - We do too!!!

  24. I'm loving most of these trends, except the midi length. I think it'll be really hard to pull off on most people, tho like you said, there'll be girls totally rocking this style.

  25. I just need the chunky heeled boots, cape, bell bottoms, the wool coat and that KS bag so much right now! LOVE!

  26. I've been wanting a cape for ages... That one is simply lovely <3
    I vote we start the trend together! Surely RVA won't mind....

  27. I love all of your picks!! Fashion is so much fun in the fall, I need those glitter platforms :]


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