Monday, September 26, 2011

Now Showing at SEPHORA

We were so psyched over the weekend to learn that our favorite skincare line is now going to be carried in OUR happiest place on Earth...


One more reason to visit Sephora...YAY (like we needed one)!!  Plus we love that our Origins purchases can now go into our Beauty Insider points bank, because more points equal more rewards (or "perks" as Sephora calls them)...and who doesn't love "perk me ups"?!?!  

Earlier this year when we discovered Origins products, not only did we immediately enjoy our results from the products, but we also appreciate being able to support a brand with the following mission statement:
Our mission at Origins is to create high-performance natural skincare that is powered by nature and proven by science.  We use potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils.  And our long-standing commitment to protect the planet, its resources and all those who populate it is reaffirmed by our earth and animal friendly practices.
Some of our favorite products include:

Checks and Balances™
Checks and Balances
Frothy face wash

A Perfect World™
A Perfect World
Deep cleanser with White Tea

A Perfect World™ for Eyes
A Perfect World for Eyes
Firming moisture treatment with White Tea

Origins VitaZing SPF 15
Energy-boosting moisturizer with Mangosteen

A Perfect World™ SPF 25
A Perfect World SPF 25
Age-defense moisturizer with White Tea

Once Upon A Shine™
Once Upon A Shine
sheer lip gloss

Currently, Origins at Sephora is only available online and in select stores.  If you are a Sephora Beauty Insider, you can score a Checks and Balances frothy face wash with any online order over $25 (while supplies last) with the code ORIGINS.

We're curious to know if you've discovered Origins yet.  If so, let us know which ones are your favorite.  We still have so many products left to explore!


  1. I've never tried Origins skin care but I'm DYING to! Too bad it's so expensive...

  2. I've been thinking about trying the moisturizer.
    xo Jenn

  3. Never tried, but I will try anything if it will prevent wrinkles, lol! Is the checks and balances frothy facewash gentle for everyday use? Also to help clear pimples?

    Heather and Kayla

  4. I got this same email! Planned on sharing the news tomorrow. How exciting!

  5. Exciting! Especially since I've been thinking about trying the Checks & Balances cleanser!!

  6. My favorite origins products are the Modern Friction Gentle Dermabrasion for face and vitazing.. I'm so excited that they will be available at sephora, I can only buy online in my town

  7. Whoa. Nice to see them expanding! And if my eyeballs were working that day, I think I saw a sign at Sephora announcing they were going to carry Bobbi Brown soon too. @_@ As for Origins, I've only tried their Checks and Balances face wash. I have uber-sensitive skin so I actually felt it wasn't gentle enough and went back to my Purpose cleanser. Not to say that I won't be checking out their other stuff though! ;)

  8. Thank you for haring..I think I must try this one:)

  9. @ Anna Elizabeth - You must try! Go and just get some samples to try first maybe then see if it's worth the investment. :-)

    @ Jenn - It's really good stuff!

    @ Style Journey - We feel you!! :-) We think the checks and balances is gentle enough for our everyday use but we don't have sensitve skin. It takes a lot to irritate our skin. I'd go in and talk to someone at the counter.

    @ NeutraKris - We were so thrilled to see this merger!!

    @ Mrs. WASP - You should try it! I bet the counter or if it's at your local Sephora would give you a sample too!

    @ K - We want to try the Modern Friction! We hear it's one their most popular products. Jayme uses the Vitazing and loves it! Thanks for sharing!

    @ Shop N' Chomp - We know that some Sephora's (big city stores) already have Bobbi Brown but we've been waiting patiently for ours too. :-) Good to know about the cleanser. We don't have sensitive skin at all so it would take a lot for something to irritate our skin.

    @ SunnyToast - Please let us know if you do try!

  10. thank you for sharing hun :)

    i love product reviews!


  11. I am so allergic to product unfortunately - thanks for your great comment x

  12. @ Melu103 - Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

  13. @ fashion and frank - Oh no! Thanks so much for coming over and following!

  14. oh my goodness, i always call Sephora my disneyland! loooove it!
    xo TJ

  15. Could definitely use an energy-boosting moisturizer with this crazy weather going on!

    Heart Of The Home

  16. this is such a lovely post :)


  17. @ Mr. Taylor and his Lady - Sephora is so like a Disneyland! Love that!

    @ Leonie - We hear you on that!

    @ soldoutforever - Thanks so much!

  18. I really need to get my hands on Vitazing. I keep hearing nothing but great stuff about that product


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